Nikos Economopoulos talks to Riana Kourakou ( Part 3

R: Previously, the CDs of laiko singers were compiled of zeibekikos, chasapikos, tsiftetelia, rumbas and a fewer amount of ballads and other modern genres. In your CD now, for example, no one tsifteteli included, while there are a lot of ballads there. As for me, I like the ballads a lot, but, still, why does it happen?
N: There is no special reason for that, just I did not find any tsifteteli I liked. I do not want to put a song if I do not like it, just for a tsifteteli sake. So far, in all my CDs I relied firstly on the lyrics and secondary on the music.
For me the seventy percent of importance goes to the words and thirty percent to the music. However, I like to have not too modernized sound. I want to keep the features of laiko style as much as possible. Not to lose it, not to leave the song without it. That's what I said earlier on the radio. I listen to many artists’ songs, in which bouzouki sound is very soft , it is hidden in background, to the point it is impossible to hear. The radio producers do not play songs with the prominent bouzouki sound. And what do I do? I put bouzouki ahead! I want to be the antipode in this system because I do not like it (this system)! My basis is a laiko song, no matter if they like it or not. And singers first of all should understand it and continue to work in this direction. If you want to keep on working, it does not mean that you need to do the things they demand and they want you to do. I follow my heart, so I am singing laika songs.

R: It looks like Greeks are having fun in bouzouki night clubs, but , at the same time, they listen on radio only pop, right?

N: Exactly! And how is that possible? Ask radio producers!

R: Is it the song that makes the singer or it is the singer who makes the song? Can a mediocre song being sung by a good singer become acceptable, or opposite, a very good song being sung by a bad singer, can it be lost?

N: I think it is fifty - fifty. A singer must give a good performance to get through a song and bring it out to the world. But to achieve that, a singer must believe in the song. If you do not believe in it, you will not do anything! I try songs that I do not like a lot of times when I am in the studio, I can change my mind. Change songs, and do the same with who is going to sing!

R: We talked a lot about the songs, but we have not said anything about your collaboration this year ...

N: With Elli and Despina? It is all right, fine! I hope it will be so until we reach the end (of the season in “Fever”)

R: So, till when you’re there?

N: Up to March.

R: Do you feel an economic crisis in the venue?

N: Look, I'm not lying, the shop is full. But we feel the crisis in other areas. For example, it is happening with the issue of consumption. We have people, but they don't order as much as it was earlier. They would not take the second bottle, they do not have money to throw flowers, but, thanks God, we have job and people come and have fun!

R: And it was a big surprise of the year - your collaboration with two''Chicks'', as you said in one interview and upset girls!

N: Upset? Never mind, I was not saying it in a bad way, this is the way we say in Patras and we do not mean bad.

R: How have this collaboration happened? Phoebus was the missing link?

N: No, there is no connection there! Nothing to do with that.

R: What it is like your relationship with Despina and Elli?

N: A joy! Look, what can be heared: those who cooperate, they are in the dressing room together and love each other, and all the time are kissing - all this is not right! I never had it earlier and it does not happen now. We come to the club, we are meeting out the door, the girls can come to my dressing room, or I go to theirs, but that all. Nothing we do purposely. But I want my colleagues to be near. Now this can be done, but done by others, because to me it is feasible, this concerns them, so you may ask them. However, I can not say that I run backstage and follow them. Only with Parios I was always together.

R: At the Double Platinum Award night you called Parios “my father”

N: Yes, I said that he is my artistic father. I love him very much, Giannis. And he loves me very much and believe in me, but this is true,it is not made neither for TVs, not for sale. We never went out to drink coffee to show it. I love him! I'll go into any job with him and if he will come to me - what an honor! He shows he respects a new singer and supports. In essence, to have a singer of the size of Parios on your side is a great thing. I personally would do it, I'd show it in whatever way I can. And this put young people to work through, this exposure. Because when someone is nice why not to tell? Why not to say this is a good singer and, as a result, he will go ahead. Say what you feel, my brother! Say: "I love this kid, because he sings well, I see that people like him", and the singer will go ahead. Say it finally! If I like someone, I go on stage and say. This was with Nino, with Paula, with any new kid- if I sang together, a thousand times I was saying it on stage.. It is nice to honor a colleague so, you go to say it. No matter how big you are, just leave your complex aside to say this simple thing.

R: It depends on what sort of man you are in general and what things you have lived in your life before to become famous. That is to say, if you were important to others even before becoming a singer, if you were the soul of the group, for example, or you had any woman you wanted, or anything else, then there no reason to have a complex as a singer

N: I agree, but can I tell you something? What you are saying regarding women is not true. Do not think that when you a singer all women fancy you. As for me, I had many times an experience to like a girl and not to get her. Let’s say the truth! I am not wanted by all the girls, I say! And do not ask for more details, I will not tell you. (laughs)

R: OK, I do not ask anything more, let leave the conversation here and other things we will discuss the next time we meet, at the Meet & Greet in January, so we will jump for some exclusive news (laughs). We said, after we make you the omen for 2012 with this interview, you’ll be the first Meet & Greet of the year, to make the double good and give us a chance to announce it officially here.

N: So yes, I will do for you this good sign as well.

R: Wish you to spend a good time and thank you very much!

N: And I thank you very much for always being next to me! And whenever you want, whenever I am useful to you, I will be here for whatever reason!


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