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Eilikrina, a new CD by Nikos Economopoulos, 2013 (Review)

On his seventh full length album “Eilikrina” (Sincerely ) the legitimate prince of Greek laika Nikos Economopoulos,  delivers another seriously enjoyable set of music released on Minos EMI - Universal label. 

Each song on this flamboyant new CD thrills the ear as though it were a live performance.It contains 16 compositions of various genres, predominated by Greek laika influence. All the arrangements here are superb while Economopoulos is a clean, precise and soulful artist who always knows how to deliver the essence of a song and as a result we hear his core feeling for each of them, coloured by his special timbre.

Opening track “Se lipamai” (I Miss You) by Avgi Gavrilaki (words) and Dimitris Harmas (music) combines features of various genres, such as techno, laika- waltz and ballade. It also displays the big range of the singer’s voice starting with low baritonal and rising to the upper tenor notes. 

Thus, it gives a clue to the entire album with its genre variety inspired by the endless singing abilities of Nikos Economopoulos.

The second track “Mi figeis tora” (Don’t leave now) by Iordanis Paulou and Angeliki Makrinioti lets the listener enjoy the irresistible charm of Nikos’ voice by its flying high melody.

By contrast, the prayer “O Theos pou pistevo” ( God in whom I believe) by Vasilis Dimas - the author of music and words, who invested into this album his four tracks - brings out the dramatic qualities of the singer’s voice in the rock affected choruses. At the same time Economopoulos shows his unique sense of style adding some features of Greek orthodox chant into his interpretation of the verse parts.

Dimas in this album displays his ability to combine the tradition with contemporary rhythm and sound, which climaxes in the song Ola tha ta plirotheis (You’ll get paid in full) 

Another author who added 4 tracks to this album is a fabulous lyricist Geleni Giannatsoulia.  Her two ballads on the music by talented George Sabanis -  ethnically influenced O’ti agapao m’adikei (Everything I love is unfair)  and rock enriched Signomi (Sorry!) - have everything to instantly attract listeners attention. 

 One of the most striking songs of the album - though it might seem unusual - the warm and heartfelt folk style "lullaby-ballad" Na skepasesai ta vradia (Cover yourself by the nights) by big laika songwriting masters  Vasilis Daramouskas (music) and  Fontas Theodorou (words) gives Nikos all the opportunities to use the incomparable aura of his voice in full.

Perhaps, it is the trak #12 Na stamatiseis ( Stop!) by Giannis (John) Kermanidis - Tasos Blathras (music) and Stratos Kaisaris (words) should be called the cornerstone zeibekiko of the CD.

The album concludes with the poetically deep, melodically rich and emotionally powerful track # 16 - “Eilikrina” by Xaris K (music) and Fontas Theodorou (words), which serves as an amazingly executed game of genre change - from ballad to hasapiko. 

Throughout this inspirational album, Nikos Economopoulos once again proves himself to be the pride of the Greek laika treasury.

 The double platinum award which came just a few days after the releasing of the CD is a good testimony to the above statement. Album “Eilikrina”,  same as everything recorded by Economopoulos,  deserves a big international distribution.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nikos Economopoulos talks to People magazine

Nikos Economopoulos, Greek laika song star proved speaking to "People" magazine, he is as sincere in words as he is in his singing.

Low-key, simple and outspoken, the singer is consciously and completely given to his work. Though he loves speed in cars , he is observant making slow and steady steps.
in search of songs.
"From the age of six I wanted to be a singer. At that time I was thinking about football too, but the microphone won me.
Actually, people around me were saying that I have a good voice. All this was inside me, I felt it all lead me there. When I was around 17, I started to sing in public places, while still at school.  I was very mature child from the early age and was not afraid of anything. Everything I did completely on my own and it came out well " he says.

In the time when he started his professional music career, he dreamed to have his own songs to sing, to be signed under the label and to get known by people. The dream became a reality,  and now, a year before reaching his 30, Nikos has under his belt a number of platinum CDs and a history of successful collaborations on stage.
One wonders if the road in his journey was paved with rose petals or it was a path of thorns. "Not just  thorns, but sharp nails. My path is difficult, as in all the chores. There are many people working for 20 euros a day. And in our job things are not as as easy as they seem. Among other things, you're dealing with many people and you may not fit everybody, so we are forced to make compromises to balance things, "he explains.

He has to entertain the audience, but what happens when he is not in the good mood? "It has happened many times, I can tell you that last week I was not so good. This summer I did not feel rested, there was no chance to relax or to have  ten days to chill out, and I think it affected me. But when the audience expresses their love and applauds, something magical happens and I forget about the rest, "he says and his blue eyes lit up.

This period of time he is performing together  with Giannis  Ploutarchos in the nightclub “Thea”, while
recording his new cd. How does it works, when two popular laika names are involved in one programme?
'I have no problem with Giannis, each of us has written their own career path. I never had an issue with posters and all these things. The proof is that the place is full and thanks for that all these people who are always with us, "says Nikos.
Sensitive Cancer on a horoscope, he loves ballads and gives importance to the lyrics of the song
"I can not sing something that does not express the emotion,  it is the meaning of the song to bring a success "

'I wish there always to be people who can write good songs, because for me it is very important to leave behind something to be heard. It's my anxiety to find really good songs, because without them we are nothing. What is Economopoulos without a good song? ", he says candidly.

Is there some advice he had by artists with whom he has worked?

"Each collaboration was a new experience for me. But I give an adwise to myself. I can not hear something from someone else and can not believe in that.  My advice is: be real, authentic and do your job. Nothing else. Everything else is a waste of time. "

Nikos from the beginning of his professional path was keeping his personal life away from the limelight. He is rarely giving interviews and even more rarely is appearing on the television shows. "I am and I will be always outside of showbiz. We have a TV where some think it means something if to be there. For me these people mean nothing, the TV shows a lot of rubbish. This is the truth and I say it ... And I don't like to go out and get a shot with just anyone, so then they are considered to be my friend. "

"I am going out with my friends, very rarely go to the movies and go to eat. I have no particular preference, it can be anything: from a good restaurant till souvlaki. I like gatherings with my friends. They are simple, just for me, they are the most important and  making me happy, " he confesses.

His friends do not belong to the stardom, apart from some exceptions. "I have a friend from music life, I love him a lot, we are talking on the phone and have nice conversations - it is Nino. I see Giannis Parios as my friend, I work with him and he shares with me his huge experience, and Stamatis Gonidis, and Giannis Poulopoulos "

Next point of the discussion was Patra, where he was born and raised. "The place you come from is the umbilical cord that you can not cut ever. Recently my grandmother left us...the last period of time I was coming to Patra often to visit her, as she was ill. My grandmother raised me up and now I feel like I am lost and do not even want to find myself in Patra, but nevertheless, something pulls me there "he admits.

"When a person raises you up there are things inside you, that you can’t forget," he says about his grandmother, Maria.
What is the  first image that comes to mind from his life with her? "There are so many, I  grew up together with her!" He says and closes his eyes smiling, trying to recall a picture. "I remember when I was little and we were dancing on the table. Dancing with my grandmother and with my brother, Vasilis (he is one and a half year older), we danced on the table and my grandfather was clapping for us. My grandfather - I  lost him in 2006, " he recalls with nostalgia.

It was late July when the camera lens captured for the first time the singer with his partner, actress Vicky Kavoura. "I am very well in my personal life and I am very happy during this period of my life. The way I live now is very nice, "  he says with a smile.
Really, what is Nikos like  in the relationship?
"I am traditional. It should be a balance and a mutual respect within relationship"

As for whether he wishes to start his own family, he says frankly: "I'm not getting married, at least not anytime soon. But I think the destination of a man is to have a family and have children.
I want to start a family while I'm still young, I do not want to reach 40 to have children. I want to be young to enjoy it and I see them growing up.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nikos Oikonomopoulos: in conversation with Sofia Bekiari (

Collaboration of Giannis Ploutarchos and Nikos Oikonomopoulos certainly is an unexpected but pleasant surprise for all the lovers of good laika music. It is even more impressive with one of the most popular groups, Melisses, added to the programme.  The journalist Sophia Bekiari, writes a short reportage about the concert she visited at  the nightclub Thea and speaks to the participants of the show. 
We provide you here with a translation of her interview with Nikos Oikonomopoulos, who she says, besides of being a singer with a huge voice, is a very genuine person.

 Niko, we see you at “Thea” together with Giannis Ploutarchos. How did this happened?

 Basically, I did not want to sing this summer at all. I told myself that this year I should take a break because I feel I needed to rest a bit - I do not rest at all, singing all the time. Besides people need some rest from me, because they listen to me for many years continuously. I thought I would do three shows including one in Patras for my birthday, because I wanted to be with my friends to celebrate together.

But instead of three I did 13!  At first I thought I would not sing now, but I was convinced and, of course, I was happy to sing with Giannis . I think it was a very good suggestion and I said - why not! Even though I am tired - it does not matter! 'It was a good suggestion and I wanted to do it and it seems we came out well.

Are you having a rest at all? Because, I know you had concerts in several cities …

 No, I do  not feel rested! I did 11 concerts in some cities in Greece and two in Germany. I can not say I feel rested, true. But as I say every time ...I’ll do it in time! 

What can you say about people and - generally -  the life in province?

People in the province love us and it makes sense, because there are many people there who can not come to Athens to see us due to financial problems. They are very excited when they see you there, so, no matter how tired, I has been trying to give something extra to not disappoint  the audience who came.  Certainly, people have many problems which can not be easily put aside because of  the song, but  everyone is just trying to do their job in the best way possible.

While saying you are tired and want to rest, you do the concerts, now you are with Giannis Ploutarchos and in November you are with Vasilis Karras at Fever.

 Yes, we will start the Winter season. Here we with Giannis continue a little bit more, and after that, at the end of November, we will start with Vasilis Karras and Eleni Fourera. I think, this is a very good laiko programme with good voices.

With Vasilis, who is working for so many years in this job and knows it very well, with his vast experience, with the wonderful songs that I like and sing in my programme and with Eleni, who is a fresh girl, a very valuable and good person, as far as I know - we have not had a chat personally yet, but this turns out to be like that. We will work together well !

You have your audience who loves and supports you always... Do you feel secure with it? 

My audience loves me and supports me, but I do not take anything for granted in this life. And now with the way the things go, it will be good to to tighten belt, because we realize that people are having very difficult life. The turnout may be good enough, but there are no more there those old times spendings. And this affects all, including the entrepreneur, the artist, the parking valet and the waiter.

 What about your recording works? 

I've already started and do demos for a lot of songs and I try to choose. I start this process on April. Very soon we hope to release a song on the radio that will be the pilot for the album to be released by the time of my name day, as every year 

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Nikos Oikonomopoulos

Nikos Oikonomopoulos (Νίκος Οικονομόπουλος) is a top Greek laika singer of his generation who honours Giannis Parios, Paschalis Terzis  and Giannis Paulopoulos as his major influences.
 At age 22 he entered and won the Alfa TV “Dream Show 2", launching his career. Since then, he has had several number one songs and albums and has won many awards.  Nikos Oikonomopoulos’ international fame is steadily growing.

Nikos Oikonomopoulos  was born on 30th June, 1984 in Achagia, Patras region, Peloponnesus. He had an early interest and involvement in singing and music in general from his childhood, at the same time he helped his father with the family fishery business while also working in a pizzeria. From the age of 17 he sang professionally with different bands and in the autumn of 2006 decided to take part in the popular talent contest of Alfa TV "Dream Show 2", which he won.
As a result, he was signed by Sony Music and soon released his first single “Matia Mou”, which was soon followed by “Proti Agapi” album  in 2007.
At this time Nikos was giving his live performances in the music hall “Fix”, Athens.
In 2008 he was honoured as the Best New Artist for his clip “Look and Learn” at the MAD Video Music Awards. This was followed in 2009 at the same awards by winning with the Best Pop Music clip “All for You.”
Nikos Oikonomopoulos released in January 2009 his second album “Akousa” (I’ve Heard), which includes fifteen songs in the laika style. The album became gold in October 2009.
At the same time Nikos also recorded a song composed by Christos Papadopoulos for the Cyprus TV soap “Dangerous Zone”
Starting from November 2009 Nikos performed together with Greek singing legend Giannis Parios at the popular Athens night club “Fever”. Parios named him “A future of the Greek music”
In January 2010 Sony Music released Oikonomopoulos’ third album – “Katathesi Psychis” with 12 multi genre tracks on it.
In May 2010 this went Platinum.
In October 2010 Nikos had a triumphal success performing in Cyprus .
At the same time Nikos Oikonomopoulos signed under the label Minos-EMI (Greece)
In December 2010 Nikos released his 4th album "Doro Gia Sena".  In the period of 5 months it became triple platinum.
In December 2011 a new album "Tha Eimai Edo" was released and reached the level of four times platinum sales.
The next album, “Ennoeitai”, 2012, recently became 4 times platinum platinum
Released at the end of 2013, his new CD "Eilikrina" immediately became double platinum!
Nikos Oikonomopoulos had become a hugely popular live act, touring extensively on the Greek nightclub circuits, and became a regular in Athens .
His international career just had been successfully started.  Oikonomopoulos created a storm of enthusiasm in Australia on his first short tour there in 2012.
Nikos was giving  few concerts in Germany with a tremendous success.

With his magnificent voice and irresistible charisma, Nikos Oikonomopoulos has proven himself to be one of the most significant Greek artists of our time

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Nikos Oikonomopoulos wins hearts in Stuttgart

Performance of Nikos Oikonomopoulos in Messehalle Sindelfingen, Stuttgart, (31. 05.13.)  is one of the most dramatic and well-deserved successes that ever befell this famous singer.

This was the second appearance of Nikos in Germany.
Last year he sang one night in Düsseldorf, in the Rex Club, for the audience of young people, who were well aware about all the amazing qualities of this Greek Singing Treasure and his repertoire. Everything went awesome then.

This time the young star was to perform with Stamatis Gonidis, the singer, loved by long - settled in Germany Greek audience, who rushed to see him again, while Nikos Oikonomopoulos for many of them was just a new name.

In the beginning of his programme, Nikos introduced people to his new songs, which are already the leaders of the charts in his home country – “Ora na pigaino”, “Ennoeitai”, “Isihia” and other tracks from his latest, already double platinum album. 

 It turned out that the Greek population of Stuttgart had never heard of them, as the main source of musical information - You tube - has severe limitations in Germany. 

With every note sung by Nikos an interest was growing and when, finally, he started to sing "Poutana stin psychi", the entire Messehalle was thrilled.  With the next one – “Akousa” - people started climbing onto the stage.

His excellent interpretations of the laika “evergreens” and the popular “covers” made it clear to the listeners that this singer has a voice of rare beauty. At the second part of the programme, which lasted till early morning hours, Nikos created a unique atmosphere of the celebration of the Greek song!

Enthusiastic spectators showered the singer with flowers and danced on the stage, each tried to take a picture with the new idol.

Once again, Nikos won the hearts thanks to his wonderful voice, exceptional charm and genuine friendliness.

So, we can confidently say that from now Nikos Oikonomopoulos is one of the most awaited back to Germany Greek singers!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nikos Ikonomopoulos kommt nach : Messe Sindelfingen (Stuttgart)

Griechenlands talentiertester junger Laika Sänger Nikos Ikonomopoulos (Νίκος Οικονομόπουλος), wird in Kürze sein erstes Konzert in Sindelfingen bei Stuttgart geben.

Die glücklichen Menschen die in die "Messe Halle" kommen, werden die höchste Qualität der musikalischen Unterhaltung, der bereits Nikos Ikonomopoulos Markenname geworden ist, erleben.

Auf dieser Veranstaltung präsentiert Nikos unter anderem fünf Songs aus seinen überaus erfolgreichen Alben, darunter sind: Doppel-Platin "Katathesy Psixis" (Opfergabe der Seele), Dreifach-Platin "Doro Gia Sena" (Ein Geschenk für Dich),  viermal Platin-Schallplatte "Tha eimai Edo" und das neue Album, das bereits Doppel-Platin ist - "Ennoeitai"

Für die Konzerte kombiniert Nikos die für ihn speziell geschriebenen Kompositionen zusammen mit einigen alten berühmten Laika Lieder.
Seine außergewöhnliche musikalische Begabung, Professionalität und hervorragendes Auftreten machen ihn zum attraktivsten Entertainer. 
Jeder Auftritt von Nikos hat einen überwältigenden Erfolg.

Nikos Ikonomopoulos wird zusammen mit dem berühmten griechischen Star, Sänger  Stamatis Gonidis auftretten.

Mai, 31, 2013
Tickets buchen:
TelNr: 0157 30685618
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Translated to German by Natalia Wagner

Friday, May 17, 2013

O Nίκος Οικονομόπουλος θα εμφανιστεί στο "Messe Halle" της Στουτγκάρδης.

Οι πιο ευτυχισμένοι άνθρωποι είναι εκείνοι που θα συναντήσουν το καλοκαίρι και θα αποχαιρετήσουν την άνοιξη στο Messe Halle, το οποίο βρίσκεται στα προάστια της Στουτγκάρδης, μια πόλη του Sindelfingen. Αυτό οφείλεται στο γεγονός ότι ο Νίκος Οικονομόπουλος το πιο λαμπρό αστέρι της ελληνικής μουσικής, θα εμφανιστεί εκεί.
Ο Νίκος είναι ένας αγαπημένος τραγουδιστής όχι μόνο στη γενέτειρά του την Ελλάδα. Ο νεαρός ο οποίος διαθέτει μια όμορφη φωνή,  έχει κερδίσει ήδη την αγάπη της Κύπρου και οι συναυλίες του στην Αυστραλία (2012) ήταν ένας μεγάλος θρίαμβος!!!

Η δόξα ήρθε στον γόνο της Πάτρας με τη νίκη του στο "Dream Show 2" το 2006. Τώρα, ο Νίκος είναι κάτοχος πολυ-πλατινένιων και χρυσών δίσκων όπως και άλλων βραβείων. Όμως, η κύρια ανταμοιβή για το Νίκο Οικονομόπουλο είναι η αμετάβλητη επιτυχία του στις ζωντανές εμφανίσεις του και η μεγάλη επιρροή του στο κοινό.
Κάθε φορά που τραγουδάει ο Νίκος δημιουργεί μια γιορτή για τους ανθρώπους και καταφέρνει πάντα να γεμίζει του χώρους όπου εμφανίζεται. Το μυστικό του δεν έγκειται μόνο στην εκπληκτική ομορφιά της φωνής του, αλλά και στην ακαταμάχητη γοητεία του και την ελκυστική προσωπικότητα του. Το ρεπερτόριό του περιλαμβάνει τραγούδια που γράφτηκαν γι' αυτόν, όπως οι λαϊκές επιτυχίες: "Κοίτα να Μαθαίνεις", "Άκουσα", "Μου 'πε μια ψυχή", "Δώρο Για Σένα", "Πού θα με Πας", "Eννοείται" καθώς και διασκευές άλλων καλλιτεχνών του λαϊκού είδους.
Η συναυλία πραγματοποιείται στο Messe Halle, Sindelfingen, όπου ο Νίκος Οικονομόπουλος θα μοιραστεί το στάδιο με ένα σημαντικό Έλληνα καλλιτέχνη, τον Σταμάτη Γονίδη.

Η συνεργασία τους έχει αποδειχθεί ότι ήταν μια τεράστια επιτυχία για την χειμερινή περίοδο 2012/2013 στο πασίγνωστο νυχτερινό κέντρο διασκέδασης "Fever". Οι δύο καλλιτέχνες, εκτός από τα δικά τους τραγούδια, θα κάνουν κάποια ντουέτα, τα οποία αναμένεται να είναι «το κερασάκι στην τούρτα».

31 Μαΐου, 2013
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translated by Eirini Eusebi

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nikos Oikonomopoulos to sing at Messe Halle, Sindelfingen, Germany!

The happiest people are those who will meet Summer and wave goodbye to Spring at  Messe Halle, which is located in the suburbs of Stuttgart, a city of Sindelfingen.  This is because Nikos Oikonomopoulos , the brightest star of Greek music,  will perform there.

Nikos is a favourite singer not only in his homeland, Greece. The young bearer of a beautiful voice has won the love of Cyprus and created a sensation in 2012, touring Australia. 

The glory came to the native of Patras with his victory of the Alfa TV "Dream Show -2" in 2006. Now Nikos has got under his belt numbers of multi-platinum and gold discs and other prestigious awards. But the main reward for Nikos Oikonomopoulos is his invariable success with the live audience.

Whenever he sings, Nikos always creates a feast for the people and ensures fully packed venues. The secret of Nikos Oikonomopoulos lies not only in the startling beauty of his voice, but also in his irresistible charm and attractive personality. His repertoire includes songs written for him, such as popular hits: "Koita na matheneis", "Akousa", "Mou 'pe mia psychi",  "Doro gia sena", "Pou tha me pas", "Ennoeitai" ... as well as covers of other artists in the genre Laika.

The concert takes place at Messe Halle, Sindelfingen, where Nikos Oikonomopoulos will be sharing stage with a major Greek star, Stamatis Gonidis. Their collaboration has proved to be a huge success during the winter season 2012/2013 at the prestigious nightclub “Fever” (Athens).Two artists, besides of singing their solo numbers, will do some duets, which are promising to be "the crème of the crop".

Date/Time :
May, 31, 2013
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0157 30685618

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nikos Oikonomopoulos talks to Salonika Video

Nikos Oikonomopoulos answered a few questions by Salonika Video journalist

Nikos said, that he and his colleagues are “in a good mood when we are with good people in such a great city as Thessaloniki”

About their programme, he said (being half-serious):  “We have not got clowns and things like that, we have a laika programme that I do, and of course we have “Melisses" and Katerina Stikoudi, who make the most fashionable things, and it seems for these three weeks that we are here, people liked us and I I'm glad that everything goes well.”

Nikos was speaking about his favourite genre of songs:  “The laika song was, is and always will be the basis of everything for music in Greece. Laika song never dies, even though some people would like to be so, it did not, does not and will never end.”

And he added regarding the way he understands the art of laika entertainment:
“It is unnecessary for me to see a clown or an acrobat at laika programme.  I do not mind if someone else does it. We come (to the venue) to hear songs, not  to see the circus”

He believes, that good entertainment can be helpful in the hard times of crisis, but:
“ there are too many people who are unable to have it and I think more about those people, because I know that many of  them want at least once to see their favorite artist and can not do it even once...

This is where our country has come. I hope that at some point this will end,
because people had enough of suffering... everything is chained, we all go through the hard times, because when people do not have money to go out, nor I would have the job that I should have.  So I'm working two days a week now.”

Never the less, Nikos is trying to be optimistic:

“ When we are not optimistic, a black snake will eat us ” (Nikos uses a popular slang expression)
Answering the question if he had lit a candle at Agia Paraskevi (a church of Holy Friday in Thessaloniki), Nikos said :”
“It is very nice thing to light a candle when you are feeling you need to do it.. Not when it must be done...Sometimes I do not go on Easter service, because it doesn’t apply to me. I'm going by myself to talk to God and to light a candle and say thanks for whatever good has given to me. I feel a blessed man.”

Nikos said his opinion about a new way of promotion through the internet (not like it was earlier, through the talent shows):

“It is not bad when young people can showcase their work through Youtube or Facebook and have a good deal of people’s attention, since the audience wants to hear them ...well done!”
About his nearest plans:
“I do not plan very easily.... However I will do some touring in Greece and abroad, very soon after here (Thessaloniki),  of course.”

Many thanks to Eirini Eusebi for providing us with the original text of the interview

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Things Nikos Oikonomopoulos said to

In the interview taken by at FIX (Thessaloniki) Nikos was talking about:


- People of Thessaloniki live in a lighter pace, more relaxed pace...I would say, really, they are born to go to the “bouzoukia”... every time I see it and feel it and I've said that Thessaloniki resembles Patra, I feel like I'm in Patra here: the harbor,  the roads are the same.

What he feels when goes on stage:

- I feel great, I loved it since i was a child.  In the beginning there is a stress, there is always a stress in it, there is nothing for granted,  but it's a very nice feeling.  I can not explain it with words, you have to live it to understand it.

Luck or will

- I do not believe in luck, no luck for me, there is a will.

 Choice of songs

- People who write music and lyrics, gave me good songs, but through all those songs you hear, you must make a choice. ...You must match with the aesthetics of the song, you can not sing something imposed by another person. Nobody can impose on me anything...  Of course there are people around me, but the final decision is mine, because I must like the songs I sing to be able to share them with the audience.


- When I finished my appearances at FEVER with Stamatis Gonidis and Katerina Stikoudi,  of course, the first thing I thought of was to come to Thessaloniki. From work i knew Katerina as a good person and that's why I chose her to be with, and... I had heard about the Melisses being very good guys and doing a  nice program, so at some point I entered the internet and I saw them, because I had not seen them up close, until the time has come and I came to the venue to meet them,  and I gotta say it's very, very, very respectful guys, modest guys this is what attracts me in people so much. Then, they have a very positive energy, which is missing in people, and I really love these guys and I wish them every success.


- Not risking in your life you'll never know whether what you like to do is right and you can achieve this.
When you sit at home and expect everything to fall from the sky and God to tell you how to win, nothing will happen.

Summer plans

- I did not make plans yet, these days I will have a topic about a tour I want to do in Greece and abroad - just a few things, because I do not want to get tired so much... I'm already tired and I feel it,  because I worked several years and have not stopped at all, and I think I should stop, not because I'm bored, I am not bored at all, just to be stronger next winter. I suppose for two months, I think, I should rest.

Many thanks to Eirini Eusebi for providing us with the original text of the interview

Sunday, April 7, 2013

What goes without saying for Nikos Oikonomopoulos?

Just before to start his performances at Fix Live  in Thessaloniki with "Melisses" and Katerina Stikoudi, Nikos Oikonomopoulos spoke to 7 Days TV magazine and referred to such themes as his relationship with the audience, the perfect woman for him and the social networks.
Does he feel anxiety with the fact that several seasons he is the first name of the shows?

He replied: "My job has nothing to do with the tinsel like “who is pronounced as the first name”. What is important is to enjoy the program and meet people. This is enough for me. "

His great hit is called a “Εννοείται”  ( can be translated as “It goes without saying”) and Nikos reveals  what goes without saying in his life: "Respect, dignity and love for our fellow man. I think, nowadays, people lost dignity and respect. 
People are  isolated and there is almost no social contact between them, only social networks...Nikos does not like to deal with them :”I like to get in touch with the people while I sing at the concerts. To see them, to hear them. Facebook, for example, I think, makes people more isolated. The real contact is lost and this is very bad "
Finally, regarding his personal life, he says: "I do not think the one needs to go out and talk about  personal life. Whether I am in relationship or not -  I think this is of nobody’s interest. I am glad that I have succeeded in my career so far, succeeded only because of my singing", - and reveals about the woman he would like to have next to him:" The great importance for me is the general character of the people. I wish a woman to have dignity and femininity. I am serious. Of course, the image counts in the first impression, but I do not stand on it. There are people who deserve so much more than others that happen to be good looking. "
Recently, in fact, the famous singer was awarded with the double platinum disc for his album "Εννοείται”.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Nikos Oikonomopoulos as a DJ on radio Sok FM

Last Thursday Nikos Oikonomopoulos not only acted as a radio DJ on Sok FM 104.8 radio (Halkidiki), but also managed to answer multiple and often unexpected questions of the radio host Elina Papila. Their conversation was receiving  impulses from the songs of various singers chosen by Nikos, to which, in turn, were periodically added his own songs, offered by Elina.

It is known that Nikos Oikonomopoulos finished recently the joint performances with Stamatis Gonidis which with big and invariable success took place on one of the prestigious scenes in Athens, at the nightclub "Fever". Now he, together with  Katerina Stikoudi and a band  "Melisses", gives concerts at the club "Fix" in Thessaloniki.

Elina Papila asked, if there is a difference between the audience in Athens and Thessaloniki
Nikos was answering, that people in Thessaloniki are easier to become enthusiastic than in Athens. He believes that it is because in Athens people have bigger choice, they can hear and watch whatever and whenever they like. “But in Thessaloniki people are waiting for you”. Nikos was already three times in Thessaloniki with concerts(this is the third time) and he always had a very warm reception. “It reminds me the love of people in Patra,- he said, -  my hometown, where people love me very much.”

In regards of the repertoire he sings Nikos is concerned about the destiny of the laika song, he found the new generation of singers doesn’t want to sing laika. They sing pop (easy) songs, but those songs hardly will survive in time.There are no young singers to sing laika songs.

For the radio play everything is important: who sings the songs and what songs they sing.
In his car he listens mainly to the foreign songs (for example, Nikos put on radio the song “Impossible”  in interpretation by James Arthur) and, besides, we learn he never listens to his own songs. But he listens to other Greek singers, he listens to what he likes.

Nikos finds it hard to make choices,because numerous authors give him loads of songs, and he must choose only 13 or 14 for one album. He can’t make everybody happy with his choice. “I pick songs that I like and that can touch people's hearts, and, unfortunately, some can’t  be selected".

Success of many of his songs comes through You Tube, not through the radio, so when he sings in the clubs his new songs and people know them and sing along. It’s impossible to play all of them on radio.

Nikos does not make daily plans, he sleeps till midday, drinks coffee, talks by phone with people from his work - he is busy with simple things, as he said.

Nikos thinks, that words and music both are equally important for the song, but for him it is lyrics to be the most important component. His favourite lyricist is Eleni Giannatsoulia.
He believes that “Ennoeitai” ( with her lyrics) is a song  that is here to stay. He always wanted something to stay longer, to be left after him.

Elina recalled, that their first meeting on Sok FM was in 2006, so she asked Nikos whether something has changed in him over the years

“Nothing, - he smiles, -  “I just got older”, - he jokes.... He believes he was always not a very easy person, but this is within, this is inside of him as a human, may be due his life, may be naturally.
When he was started his work in Athens he thought it has to be hard, because everybody was there, but , finally he found he did not have problems with anybody.
Nikos does not have any jealousy issues with his colleagues, he is happy with the success of other singers and always wishes them well.

Nikos feels, he did not changed, but those people, including women, that come to him after the concerts in the dressing room, at the present time - they have changed. “They seem more cheeky, more daring”, he said.
He believes that in general something has changed in people, they spend a lot of time in social networks or on their mobile phones, making every their step public. It is affecting their attitude.

To switch the mood, Nikos shared one funny story from his childhood:
“When I was younger, I was a very lively child.
One day we set a fire on a neighbor's yard, we usually were making fire and immediately after that were trampling
it down with our feet.

But this time the fire flared up, grabbed all the land and threatened to ignite the houses. I was about 10 years old and I remember that at this moment I worried so much and my mind raced ahead ... so I thought there would be victims there, and that even though I am a little boy, I have to go to jail and that I am  too small, I'm sorry, forgive me God!”
Only I've seen was the fire, nothing had happened yet with anybody... I did not cry,  but I worried so much.... Anyway we extinguished the fire, but we remembered this for life.”

“I do not like violence, - Nikos says, -. If I'm hurt by something which was said to me, I'll tell about it. I do not like to offend anyone, but if something seriously bad has done for me, I might offend.

Answering Elina’s question about his reaction on woman’s tears, Nikos says:
“When a woman cries and it concerns her personal life or her family and it is something serious, I have an obligation to support her, because I'm sensitive.”

“The reason to end friendship is when somebody is lying, then he is not my friend anymore.”
He has got not many close friends, just 2 or 3 of them, and this friendship lasts for many years.

Nikos regrets that he never had a chance to sing on stage together with Dimitris Mitropanos whom he always loved and admired as a singer and a person.

The singer commented about political affairs, for example, in Cyprus :  "It's very difficult times now in Cyprus. I want to go there very much, but I am afraid people now will not appreciate me. Will they be able to forget everything and to come and watch the singer? “ Nikos believes that Cyprus now started feeling the same problems which Greece is going  through for the last 6 years.

Many thanks to Eirini Eusebi for her help.