Friday, February 24, 2012

"Meet & Greet" with Nikos Economopoulos

It was a big honour and pleasure for the 14th “Meet & Greet” by, which took place at the Kitchen Bar in Halandri, to have Nikos Economopoulos as a guest!

The turnout was incredible and broke all previous records, which touched Nikos Economopoulos when we told him about it.

There were even participants of the competition from Cyprus and one of them was lucky to meet him up close! The fifteen years old Christina, was brought by her family for the first time to Greece from Cyprus, and the reason was her favourite artist!

This, I think, by itself, demonstrates the enormous success of the artist.

Nikos Economopoulos arrived to the meeting with his fans being one of the first, more jovial than ever, with a hunger for this meeting. He even did not want the meeting to be in a private area of ​​the Kitchen Bar who hosted us, but in the place for the patrons of the restaurant.

He did not hesitate to talk with his fans about anything they wanted and at one moment said the meeting with them is one of the truest things he has done.

As for us, we had the opportunity to learn some of his news, and here we present them to you:

This summer, he will not appear at the nightclub “Thea” as in previous years, but will tour all over Greece

The programme in which he currently performes in the nightclub "Fever", will last until the end of March

From an early age he liked to listen to laika music, so all his beloved artists are the old folk.

Between the participants of the meeting was a creator of the new fan page in Facebook called “Nikos Economopoulos, the new master'' (''Νίκος Οικονομόπουλος, ο νέος άρχοντας'')

He loves the speed of the car but not to compete on the road. The car does not need a macho

He watches only documentaries on TV

He believes that the singers are destroyed by the court around them

He does not believe in luck, but the goal and the will. With these two you can do everything.
By Riana Kourakou

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A beautiful voice has its power in politics!

Nikos Economopoulos

“Music is the universal language of mankind.”

― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Music can have a political significance only when it is good enough to win the hearts of people. You can not make a sincere song on order, it is impossible! On the other side, the song can be created as an expression of personal feelings, but somehow its emotional potential covers political sentiments of the society. It is possible only if there is available an outstanding inspirational singing voice there.

Nikos Economopoulos with his songs is an example of the natural and effortless influence on the political views.

Let us put aside some his obviously political tracks, such as “Alla mou taksane” (I was promised) and “Trelos kai anapodos kairos” (Crazy and perverse times) and see, what happens to the songs with no direct political message in their lyrics.

One sample is a widely discussed and hugely popular track # 14 from the double platinum album “Tha Eimai edo” (Pout@n@ stin psixi). We already were writing about the politic underplot in this song, which was mentioned by the former district commissioner Panayiotis Psomiadis: "The lyrics look to me political and full of resentment. As a politician I fell I should apologize to the Greek people and the youth of Greece. My generation of politicians humiliated Greece, sold Greece and the dreams of young people," he said.

But now we have even more stunning evidence of the impact Nikos’voice has on the political situation around Greece in the time of crisis.

Recently Italian TV channel RAI 1, which is the primary television station of RAI and the most watched television channel in Italy, have had broadcast a weekly TV Show “ Una Mattina in Famiglia” with Dimitris Deliolanes, a correspondent from Rome for the Greek public television channel “ERT” and an author of the book “Come la Grecia”, talking about the dramatic situation in his country. The song “Doro gia sena” performed by Nikos Economopoulos was played following the topic.

This super popular in Greece "hit" by Vasilis Gavrielidis and Eleni Giannatsoulia is a love ballade and its appearance on the programme could be not fitting the theme if not the singer’s voice. Nikos Economopoulos voice adds more meaning to anything he sings due the richness of its tone and a unique, specifically Greek laiko quality.

Typically, Greece associates with pictures of ancient temples and sculptures, of a blue sea and white walls of the houses.

Magnificent Nikos’ voice is one more Greek treasure, which awakes in human hearts the feeling of being embraced by the eternal beauty of this country.

Greece should not miss the chance to use this powerful "ideological weapon", especially in this troublesome time

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Prince of the Greek Song Nikos Economopoulos

Original title: "Le prince de la chanson populaire et des nuits athéniennes"
by Cassandra Toscani (magazine Info-Greece, France)
French to English translation

His extraordinary voice perfectly suites the “laiko” song. Powerful and melodious, it highlights the singer's repertoire, which is rich and varied. At 27, Nikos Economopoulos is undoubtedly the most brilliant artist of his generation. The talent in its purest form! The best lyricists and composers wrote for him. His new album, Θα είμαι εδώ (Tha eimai edo), fourteen beautifully crafted songs, creates the artistic event of the end of 2011: a week after its release it becomes double platinum!

With an enchanting smile on his lips, the loveliest and the most charming of Greek singers received us in his dressing room at Fever, famous Athenian nightclub, where he performs throughout the winter.

Nikos Oikonomopoulos is singing for ten years. A native of Patras, he spent his childhood and adolescence in the suburbs, in Kato Achaia. At 17, he started traveling the Peloponnese and Northern Greece, until he decides to until one day decided to register for the DreamShow (The Music) 2, known broadcast of Alpha TV - the equivalent of the Star Academy of TF1. Throughout the season, his talent burst the small screen The public was voting for him and he gained the absolute unanimous approval of the jury And, indeed, he is the great winner. It was 2006.
His recording career began instantly. Nikos released with Sony the first CD single, “Matia mou”, and his three subsequent albums, “Proti agapi”, “Akousa” (Gold), “Katathesi psychis” (platinum). In June 2008, he received the best newcomer ( video clip “Koita na mateneis”), and the following year, for the best music video in the category of Contemporary Laiko Music (“Ola gia sena”), two awards from the music channel MAD . In 2010, he joined EMI and released “Doro gia sena”, triple platinum, and in late December 2011, Tha eimai edo, already double platinum. Such a meteoric rise is based on the hard work, the challenge of continuous improvement and his love for the Laiko song. The public can’t be mistaken, it can recognize that he expresses it with his soul, in the best tradition.

“Tha eimai edo”, presented in mid-December, in Athens, includes fourteen great songs. Songs that touch the soul, speak of love, passion and grief, songs that express the pain and suffering of everyone. Some songs stood out immediately and continuously sound on the all radio stations in Greece. “Tha eimai edo”, is a superb zeïmbekiko, which also gave the album its title. Thanks to a very inspired interpretation, with music by Georgos Sabanis and lyrics by Eleni Giannatsoulia, this touching piece surely will soon belong to the legendary love songs of the genre. “Kai ti Egine” marks his first collaboration with the most famous at the moment composer and lyricist Greek's, Phoebus, who signs the typical ballad that combines sounds of the traditional laiko instruments with synthesized techno voices.
The song “Kali kardia” for which Christodoulos Siganos has composed music and wrote the lyrics together with Valentino, is a melodious hasapiko, which became a big radio hit even before it was released on the market.

As in his previous CDs, Nikos recorded a track with lyrics by Spyros Giatras and music by Alekos Chrysoverghis, a social song, Chanomaste (We are lost), impregnated with a spirit in tune with the times, with the reflection of a fatal crisis that hit the Greece. It would be impossible if the heaviest zeibekiko of the CD, Poutana stin psychi (Whore in the soul) to go unnoticed. Even just because of the name. From the first till the last note, this beautiful song written by Panagiotis Mandilaris with music by Dimitris Paraskevopoulos has had an effect of a thunderbolt from a clear sky, from the very day of presentation. The artist once said that this piece expresses the thoughts of some men and not, under any circumstances, intended to expose women.
For his fifth big record work, Nikos Economopoulos draws inspiration from different musical genres including rock, represented by “Psakse me”, which gives some happiness to be enjoyed with relish.

“Tha eimai edo” is ultimately a jewelry box containing a precious necklace of fourteen pearls, from silver-white to velvety black - slightly iridescent; a necklace in platinum clasp, controlled, stamped and issued with a Certificate of authenticity ...

i-GR – How come, dear Niko, that a new album had become double platinum in one week and also won the top positions of Greek airplay charts?

Nikos : - This is the public to judge. I used to say that I want my next work to be better than the last. That's what I try to do. I say thank you a thousand times to the public. I thank them for supporting me in every moment of my career. Really thank you a thousand times!