Friday, November 30, 2012

Nikos Economopoulos speaks to “Proino mou” before the premiere at FEVER

A few hours before the premiere at "Fever" with Stamatis Gonidis, Nikos Economopoulos spoke to "Proino mou» ( morning show at MEGA TV). He did not sleep this night , but still found it possible to talk , because he knows that all his fans are waiting for that and in general, Nikos is a very responsible person.

With MEGA TV host Christos Nezos

The hosts asked him about his life in this period of economic crisis and the singer replied: "I ​​was never greedy. All goes well and personally I feel very well. And in my business everything is rising up. In these difficult times we live in, all my business goes well, I have no complaints. " 
He said a few warm  words about his partners in this collaboration: Stamatis Gonidis and Katerina Stikoudi.
Nikos feel happy to be on stage alongside Stamatis Gonidis, who he respects as a great singer, so , when he was asked if he is aware of the competition, his answer was: "The competition is good! The competition is healthy!"

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nikos Oikonomopoulos’ First Australian Tour is a Triumph

Everything that transpired during Nikos Oikonomopoulos’ maiden tour turned out like a miracle:   here was a young singer who arrived at the green continent for the first time in his life, coming as a major artist and not as an addition to a more mature, established star.   Adding to the intrigue was the fact that this Greek singing sensation was not widely known in the Australian Greek community.  Many people were asking when they saw the publicity promoting his coming performances – “Who is this guy?”


However, two large venues at Sydney (Enmore Theatre, November, 2, 2012) and Melbourne (Westgate Complex, November, 5, 2012) were completely sold out:  the front table tickets, which were quite expensive ($300 for one sit) were all gone a month before the tour.

But the major miracles occurred at the concerts:  Nikos stunned his audiences with the beauty of his voice, his performance skills and his irresistible natural charisma.   Furthermore,
Nikos conquered everybody's hearts with his humility and his warm thanks to Australian Greeks for supporting his homeland during the current difficult times.

He created a unique fiesta atmosphere at each of the performances, which evolved into the apotheosis of the laika song and, on top of that, he drove all the ladies mad!   Attempts to tear the handsome singer apart began in Sydney, and almost succeeded in Melbourne.  Photos can prove that.

Nikos left Australia to the chagrin of women and much to the relief of their husbands.  But this, of course, is a light hearted view of the amazing impact this talented singer had on the ladies.  In reality, every one in his concert audiences was delighted, and the news spread throughout Australia:  our guest is a miracle, a new, young Greek God of Song! We want to see him again and again.

Edited by Theo Simeonidis

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nikos Oikonomopoulos Captivates in Sydney

The prince of Greek song, Nikos Oikonomopoulos, powered his way through his first ever performance in Australia, which took place at Enmore Theatre in Sydney.  Judging by the crowd’s overwhelmingly positive reception, and the size and quality of the venue, this appearance was a beginning of a new era – the time of “love Nikos Oikonomopoulos Syndrome” in Australia!

Australians have for some time been awaiting the arrival of the brightest young Greek Star and their expectations were fully met. Those lucky enough to be at the Enmore Theatre on Friday, 2nd November, 2012, will never forget this evening.

The blue-eyed 28 year-old singer had been performing live shows for more than a decade, including 6 years before his victory in the “Dream Show-2” in 2006.  It is unbelievable, but during this time he never had the chance to come to Australia, being tremendously busy with his concert life at home.

The singer started his Sydney performance with one of his top hits “Psakse me” as if he was answering the question hanging in the air “Where have you been all this time, Nikos Oikonomopoulos?”  Flowers instantly flew onto the artist and this rain of petals did not cease while he was giving the audience one after another his old and new hits such as “Ksimeronei”, Doro gia sena”, Simeiosate diplo”, “Kali kardia”, “Tha eimai edo”, “Mou pe mia psychi”…. and many others.

With great excitement Nikos presented to Australians his new song "Ennoeitai.”  This heart-wrenching ballad, requiring the special beauty inherent in Nikos’ voice, instantly captivated listeners.  This number was followed by a few more tremendously popular and beautifully-sung hits, such as “Afto to asteri” and “Pou tha me pas” and “Akousa.”

The second part of the show, starting with the overwhelming “Poutana stin psychi,” turned into a real Greek bouzoukia party.  More relaxed, dressed in a traditional laiko outfit, Nikos showered the crowd with his original zeibekikos as well as some popular covers.  The charismatic singer went around the room, not forgetting the balcony. The people, in turn, filled up the stage, while some were dancing on the tables.  In the end, when the singer returned to his performance space, little room remained for him there.  We must say, it was Nikos who lit the fire exclaiming "Pame Ellada! Pame Ellines!"  No wonder Greek Australians decided to show their national pride the best way they could!

The young singer still managed to convince his fans to let him perform on stage and the crowd moved back to the hall. Thus Nikos successfully continued his programme, which was finished by some very popular numbers such as “Akou”, “Alimono”, “Aponi Kardia” and crowned by his "Ola gia sena" and "Den eisai entaksi"

The first concert of Nikos Oikonomopoulos in Australia was a real sensation, it proved how amazing this enormously talented singer is and how exactly his voice, repertoire and incomparable charisma meet the needs of the Greek audience abroad

Edited by Theo Simeonidis