Nikos Economopoulos speaks to “Proino mou” before the premiere at FEVER

A few hours before the premiere at "Fever" with Stamatis Gonidis, Nikos Economopoulos spoke to "Proino mou» ( morning show at MEGA TV). He did not sleep this night , but still found it possible to talk , because he knows that all his fans are waiting for that and in general, Nikos is a very responsible person.

With MEGA TV host Christos Nezos

The hosts asked him about his life in this period of economic crisis and the singer replied: "I ​​was never greedy. All goes well and personally I feel very well. And in my business everything is rising up. In these difficult times we live in, all my business goes well, I have no complaints. " 
He said a few warm  words about his partners in this collaboration: Stamatis Gonidis and Katerina Stikoudi.
Nikos feel happy to be on stage alongside Stamatis Gonidis, who he respects as a great singer, so , when he was asked if he is aware of the competition, his answer was: "The competition is good! The competition is healthy!"


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