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Nikos Oikonomopoulos talks to Natalia Germanou on Radio Sfera 102,2. (16.12.2016)

The interview was a part of the Greek Music Week celebration on Radio Sfera 102,2.

Natalia Germanou and Nikos (Νίκος Οικονομόπουλος) started their conversation discussing Nikos’ new song  «Είναι Κάτι Λαϊκά» - words by Eleni Giannatsoulia and music by George Sabanis -  which was chosen as the favorite song by the singers who were taking part in the Greek Music Week on radio Sfera 102,2. They put it on the top of their choice. Nikos expressed his gratitude to them. Nikos also thanked his listeners for loving this song and bringing it to the first place.  Even though he liked «Είναι Κάτι Λαϊκά» from the first time,  Nikos had some misgivings about it, because this song's music goes beyond the style of laika  we've got used to hear from him until today, and the singer did not know how the audience would accept it.
For any artist, a change in the repertoire is quite necessary after a number of years. Respecting the opinion of his colleagues in this regard, Nikos dared for a change. F…