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Nikos Oikonomopulos about life, love, work and dreams

(Sketches based on the interview to MEGA TV show “Proino mou”)

The interview to MEGA TV show “Proino mou”, which Nikos Oikonomopoulos gave recently, proved to be extremely interesting and unusual. Fay Scorda, the popular TV presenter, was able to bring the singer for straight talk, in which he not only answered her quite provocative questions, but helped us to discover the reasons of his actions and attitudes.

What did they talk about?
 At first they slipped through a hackneyed question of Nikos' color of the hair, which now is his natural chestnut, and moved to his childhood:
“I was never quiet kid, opposite, I was restless. I was humble, but I was always perky and at school I was grumpy and did trouble.” But he was charming, so he has been winning girls hearts.

From another part of the interview we learn that from early childhood Nikos dreamed of family happiness: “From my young age I wanted to have three kids” -, he says while talking about his personal life issues. He has two bro…