Nikos Oikonomopulos about life, love, work and dreams

(Sketches based on the interview to MEGA TV show “Proino mou”)

The interview to MEGA TV show “Proino mou”, which Nikos Oikonomopoulos gave recently, proved to be extremely interesting and unusual. Fay Scorda, the popular TV presenter, was able to bring the singer for straight talk, in which he not only answered her quite provocative questions, but helped us to discover the reasons of his actions and attitudes.

What did they talk about?
 At first they slipped through a hackneyed question of Nikos' color of the hair, which now is his natural chestnut, and moved to his childhood:
“I was never quiet kid, opposite, I was restless. I was humble, but I was always perky and at school I was grumpy and did trouble.” But he was charming, so he has been winning girls hearts.

From another part of the interview we learn that from early childhood Nikos dreamed of family happiness: “From my young age I wanted to have three kids” -, he says while talking about his personal life issues. He has two brothers, so he would like to have a girl as a child.
“I like girls very much...But if it will be a boy - never mind”, he smiles......

Nikos doesn't make a secret about how he studied : “ I did not read much at school, the lessons I liked at high school were the social and political sciences.... I liked to discuss them...” Now as an adult, he does not want to be professionally involved in politics : ‘No I will not deal with politics, it is not for me, it's for people who want the power, I do not like this kind of power”  And he adds:
“I am not interested in power, I am interested in being able to help people in need.”
At the same time, he doesn’t want to politicize on stage, even though the political situation concerns him.
He does not agree with the way the crisis is reflected in the media: “Our days TV displays some issues which are not so good to see, because  it is not good all the time to see hungry people, even though there are really hungry people now, but there is a sort of TV terrorism that affects you badly ... TV should be a bit more restrained in certain things.”
Nikos prefer the action, not words, he says: “I do things needless to say about, I can help one person in need, but simply I do not go on television to declare this. I help my own way.”

Talking about such his good deeds , Nikos insists that he does not think of himself that he is an angel in flesh: “I do not like to hear about myself I am a  good guy ... yes I'm a good guy, probably, but I also have my weaknesses, I'm peculiar and quirky and have nerves like everyone else. I'm very irritable and honest, I always show my real self, when I am nervous.” But he does not let himself insult others by swear words or shouts, he throws out the negative energy at home, alone. And he hates  physical violence in general and, of course, in relation to a woman.

In addition to violence, there are other things repulsive to Nikos : “The thing that annoys me most is lies and fake people we have too many around us, unfortunately”.  And then he explains: “I trusted too many people who betrayed me.  For this reason I don’t have too many friends...A friend for me is something sacred, it’s the one I can open my heart and trust.... My best friends are from Komotini: Spiros , I baptized him and his son, and Sakis. I know them for nine years...
In Athens I have acquaintances and colleagues with whom I talk and have a good time, but I open my soul and give it to where I want.”
Typical zodiacal Cancer (as he was born under this constellation on 30 June in 1984), Nikos adds: “ I'm antisocial and very sensitive person and sometimes I am antisocial without my will. I would hide in my shell and can not explain why”
Nikos Oikonomopoulos, this amazingly popular artist by nature is very shy: “I am ashamed to open myself,  that's for sure, and now while I'm here I am ashamed being in front of the camera. I feel very uncomfortable”.  
Dreaming of a vacation, he describes the delights of a lonely holiday at sea and finds himself at the helm of the yacht, for example. And  he calls the night club "Fever" , where he works, his true home... Not surprisingly,  a special place in his heart holds the popular song with the speaking for itself  title "My Melancholy" ("Melagcholia mou") from his new and already double-platinum album "Ennoeitai". Let us refresh a memory and quote some lines from it’s chorus (translated):

“My melancholy you are my lady
I embrace you with all your harshness
I have a sea under my shirt
But I can’t rent out my life...”

Knowing about such features of Nikos' character , it becomes clear why he is not seen with a girl on public events or photo in magazines: “I do not like to provoke or expose the person who is next to me, but if she wants to expose, this would be a reason why we separate” Still, he does not deny, he had some relationships with popular personalities, such as singers.
For his future wife Nikos has some wishes in addition to the mutual love and care: “I don’t want my wife to work, I'd like her to be at home and raise my children, but if I will fall in love with someone who loves so much to work, than -  ok. But I would prefer if she really loves to stay home and I'll give her the rest. I want to be a good parent, this is what  I dream about my family...
I live and breathe for a moment that this will happen in my life,  I think about it for too many years. I love the family life and I would not like to reach the age of 40 to have it.”

However, Nikos cannot be called unhappy and lonely man: ”Currently I'm dedicated to my job, I love my job very much and I want to do many things, I do not want to be a random one, I want to leave things behind me. I am one of those who think and do to be successful.”
And he is successful! He is very proud of his job at “Fever” : “I love my job. I love to sing to people and to see them having fun and singing with me. Here I show the real myself. In “Fever” we started in November along with Stamatis Gonidis and Katerina Stikoudi, and it was planned till the end of  February, but  we will continue in March! “Fever”is one of the biggest clubs in Athens and in Greece in general and it goes very well. So thanks to God and to the people!”

Nikos looks to the future with hope, he is  full of humor and optimism. He likes to listen to the music, with the exceptions of his songs. He likes many Greek and foreign artists and their songs.
But if to choose, which of all the singers really captures him then  it is ...none other than Nikos Oikonomopoulos! And this was the best answer during the interview to Fay Scorda, because you can't give your songs to people, being not sure you are the best who can do that!

We do not know if one day Nikos will  decide  to take part in Eurovision contest, because he believes, it doesn't fit his laika style. But we are sure, he is the one to win people's hearts all around the world - his talent and outstanding workability will bring him there.

Many thanks to Eirini Eusebi who provided us with the original text of the interview


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