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Nikos Oikonomopoulos: "I have love in my soul, I have neither hatred nor malice, nor jealousy"

Sofia Bekari, the “” reporter, met Nikos Oikonomopoulos in the nightclub Fever, where he performs this season together with Vasilis Karras and Eleni Fourera

(Here we propose you a slightly shortened translation of their interview)

Niko, how was your festivity season?

This year Christmas celebrations fell on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, so we were working. On Thursday we had one day gap, and after we were back to the venue again. During  the two weeks of holidays we were almost every night in the club.  . Important is that the club did well because a lot of people came to see us . We were delighted with this and hopefully, our people felt the same. Usually after the holidays things are getting a little slower and  a sort of depressed,  because the public is in a very difficult economic situation. But, thank goodness, we did not have any problems , everything went well .

Do you feel happy celebrating festivity season once again at work or you miss a bit your family ?

In fact, I…