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Nikos Economopoulos in Düsseldorf: The Triumphal Success!

Finally, Nikos Economopoulos made it in Germany! We’ve learned about his upcoming concert at the REX- club (Düsseldorf) almost by an accident, and even when we called at their office, the administration could not answer some questions about the show. There was a sort of a mystery about this Monday night on 30th of April 2012. It is possible that one of the reasons for half-secrecy of Nikos' performance lies in his incredible popularity, despite the complete absence of an expanded advertising campaign around him internationally. Nevertheless, on Monday night the club "Rex" in Düsseldorf was packed up. To the great delight of the audience, Nikos gave a show of the highest level, widening the program with some new songs such as "Psakse me", "Kali Kardia", "Poutana stin psichi" from the double platinum album " Tha Eima Edo" (2012), in addition to other favourite tracks from his repertoire gained over the years of singing. T…