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Αν είναι να ’ρθεις: song lyrics and translation

Αν είναι να ’ρθεις

Words: Eleni Giannatsoulia
Music: George Sabanis
Nikos Oikonomopoulos'
CD Album "10", 2017
Minos-EMI, Greece

English translation

If you come

At deep midnight you often call me
On my cell phone
And you leave on my car
An anonymous note "I love you" .
At deep midnight you’re asking my best friend
If I love you, and
If I forgive your mistakes,
And if I have found myself.

If you come, do not call me,
Do not send messages about you still want me.
If you come, hit the door bell phone,
Kiss me like the first time, and just say sorry.
If you come, knock on my door at dawn,
And if you do not find me,
Go and search me around the town
Say regretfully "I love you" in tears,
I do not want words from you, just acts.

At deep midnight you often
Pass from my neighborhood,
I see you watch
My windows for hours.
At deep midnight come
To explain your mistakes,
But only if I am alone.
If I'm not anymore
Then leave and do not talk.

If you come, do…