Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nikos Oikonomopoulos talks to Salonika Video

Nikos Oikonomopoulos answered a few questions by Salonika Video journalist

Nikos said, that he and his colleagues are “in a good mood when we are with good people in such a great city as Thessaloniki”

About their programme, he said (being half-serious):  “We have not got clowns and things like that, we have a laika programme that I do, and of course we have “Melisses" and Katerina Stikoudi, who make the most fashionable things, and it seems for these three weeks that we are here, people liked us and I I'm glad that everything goes well.”

Nikos was speaking about his favourite genre of songs:  “The laika song was, is and always will be the basis of everything for music in Greece. Laika song never dies, even though some people would like to be so, it did not, does not and will never end.”

And he added regarding the way he understands the art of laika entertainment:
“It is unnecessary for me to see a clown or an acrobat at laika programme.  I do not mind if someone else does it. We come (to the venue) to hear songs, not  to see the circus”

He believes, that good entertainment can be helpful in the hard times of crisis, but:
“ there are too many people who are unable to have it and I think more about those people, because I know that many of  them want at least once to see their favorite artist and can not do it even once...

This is where our country has come. I hope that at some point this will end,
because people had enough of suffering... everything is chained, we all go through the hard times, because when people do not have money to go out, nor I would have the job that I should have.  So I'm working two days a week now.”

Never the less, Nikos is trying to be optimistic:

“ When we are not optimistic, a black snake will eat us ” (Nikos uses a popular slang expression)
Answering the question if he had lit a candle at Agia Paraskevi (a church of Holy Friday in Thessaloniki), Nikos said :”
“It is very nice thing to light a candle when you are feeling you need to do it.. Not when it must be done...Sometimes I do not go on Easter service, because it doesn’t apply to me. I'm going by myself to talk to God and to light a candle and say thanks for whatever good has given to me. I feel a blessed man.”

Nikos said his opinion about a new way of promotion through the internet (not like it was earlier, through the talent shows):

“It is not bad when young people can showcase their work through Youtube or Facebook and have a good deal of people’s attention, since the audience wants to hear them ...well done!”
About his nearest plans:
“I do not plan very easily.... However I will do some touring in Greece and abroad, very soon after here (Thessaloniki),  of course.”

Many thanks to Eirini Eusebi for providing us with the original text of the interview

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Things Nikos Oikonomopoulos said to

In the interview taken by at FIX (Thessaloniki) Nikos was talking about:


- People of Thessaloniki live in a lighter pace, more relaxed pace...I would say, really, they are born to go to the “bouzoukia”... every time I see it and feel it and I've said that Thessaloniki resembles Patra, I feel like I'm in Patra here: the harbor,  the roads are the same.

What he feels when goes on stage:

- I feel great, I loved it since i was a child.  In the beginning there is a stress, there is always a stress in it, there is nothing for granted,  but it's a very nice feeling.  I can not explain it with words, you have to live it to understand it.

Luck or will

- I do not believe in luck, no luck for me, there is a will.

 Choice of songs

- People who write music and lyrics, gave me good songs, but through all those songs you hear, you must make a choice. ...You must match with the aesthetics of the song, you can not sing something imposed by another person. Nobody can impose on me anything...  Of course there are people around me, but the final decision is mine, because I must like the songs I sing to be able to share them with the audience.


- When I finished my appearances at FEVER with Stamatis Gonidis and Katerina Stikoudi,  of course, the first thing I thought of was to come to Thessaloniki. From work i knew Katerina as a good person and that's why I chose her to be with, and... I had heard about the Melisses being very good guys and doing a  nice program, so at some point I entered the internet and I saw them, because I had not seen them up close, until the time has come and I came to the venue to meet them,  and I gotta say it's very, very, very respectful guys, modest guys this is what attracts me in people so much. Then, they have a very positive energy, which is missing in people, and I really love these guys and I wish them every success.


- Not risking in your life you'll never know whether what you like to do is right and you can achieve this.
When you sit at home and expect everything to fall from the sky and God to tell you how to win, nothing will happen.

Summer plans

- I did not make plans yet, these days I will have a topic about a tour I want to do in Greece and abroad - just a few things, because I do not want to get tired so much... I'm already tired and I feel it,  because I worked several years and have not stopped at all, and I think I should stop, not because I'm bored, I am not bored at all, just to be stronger next winter. I suppose for two months, I think, I should rest.

Many thanks to Eirini Eusebi for providing us with the original text of the interview

Sunday, April 7, 2013

What goes without saying for Nikos Oikonomopoulos?

Just before to start his performances at Fix Live  in Thessaloniki with "Melisses" and Katerina Stikoudi, Nikos Oikonomopoulos spoke to 7 Days TV magazine and referred to such themes as his relationship with the audience, the perfect woman for him and the social networks.
Does he feel anxiety with the fact that several seasons he is the first name of the shows?

He replied: "My job has nothing to do with the tinsel like “who is pronounced as the first name”. What is important is to enjoy the program and meet people. This is enough for me. "

His great hit is called a “Εννοείται”  ( can be translated as “It goes without saying”) and Nikos reveals  what goes without saying in his life: "Respect, dignity and love for our fellow man. I think, nowadays, people lost dignity and respect. 
People are  isolated and there is almost no social contact between them, only social networks...Nikos does not like to deal with them :”I like to get in touch with the people while I sing at the concerts. To see them, to hear them. Facebook, for example, I think, makes people more isolated. The real contact is lost and this is very bad "
Finally, regarding his personal life, he says: "I do not think the one needs to go out and talk about  personal life. Whether I am in relationship or not -  I think this is of nobody’s interest. I am glad that I have succeeded in my career so far, succeeded only because of my singing", - and reveals about the woman he would like to have next to him:" The great importance for me is the general character of the people. I wish a woman to have dignity and femininity. I am serious. Of course, the image counts in the first impression, but I do not stand on it. There are people who deserve so much more than others that happen to be good looking. "
Recently, in fact, the famous singer was awarded with the double platinum disc for his album "Εννοείται”.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Nikos Oikonomopoulos as a DJ on radio Sok FM

Last Thursday Nikos Oikonomopoulos not only acted as a radio DJ on Sok FM 104.8 radio (Halkidiki), but also managed to answer multiple and often unexpected questions of the radio host Elina Papila. Their conversation was receiving  impulses from the songs of various singers chosen by Nikos, to which, in turn, were periodically added his own songs, offered by Elina.

It is known that Nikos Oikonomopoulos finished recently the joint performances with Stamatis Gonidis which with big and invariable success took place on one of the prestigious scenes in Athens, at the nightclub "Fever". Now he, together with  Katerina Stikoudi and a band  "Melisses", gives concerts at the club "Fix" in Thessaloniki.

Elina Papila asked, if there is a difference between the audience in Athens and Thessaloniki
Nikos was answering, that people in Thessaloniki are easier to become enthusiastic than in Athens. He believes that it is because in Athens people have bigger choice, they can hear and watch whatever and whenever they like. “But in Thessaloniki people are waiting for you”. Nikos was already three times in Thessaloniki with concerts(this is the third time) and he always had a very warm reception. “It reminds me the love of people in Patra,- he said, -  my hometown, where people love me very much.”

In regards of the repertoire he sings Nikos is concerned about the destiny of the laika song, he found the new generation of singers doesn’t want to sing laika. They sing pop (easy) songs, but those songs hardly will survive in time.There are no young singers to sing laika songs.

For the radio play everything is important: who sings the songs and what songs they sing.
In his car he listens mainly to the foreign songs (for example, Nikos put on radio the song “Impossible”  in interpretation by James Arthur) and, besides, we learn he never listens to his own songs. But he listens to other Greek singers, he listens to what he likes.

Nikos finds it hard to make choices,because numerous authors give him loads of songs, and he must choose only 13 or 14 for one album. He can’t make everybody happy with his choice. “I pick songs that I like and that can touch people's hearts, and, unfortunately, some can’t  be selected".

Success of many of his songs comes through You Tube, not through the radio, so when he sings in the clubs his new songs and people know them and sing along. It’s impossible to play all of them on radio.

Nikos does not make daily plans, he sleeps till midday, drinks coffee, talks by phone with people from his work - he is busy with simple things, as he said.

Nikos thinks, that words and music both are equally important for the song, but for him it is lyrics to be the most important component. His favourite lyricist is Eleni Giannatsoulia.
He believes that “Ennoeitai” ( with her lyrics) is a song  that is here to stay. He always wanted something to stay longer, to be left after him.

Elina recalled, that their first meeting on Sok FM was in 2006, so she asked Nikos whether something has changed in him over the years

“Nothing, - he smiles, -  “I just got older”, - he jokes.... He believes he was always not a very easy person, but this is within, this is inside of him as a human, may be due his life, may be naturally.
When he was started his work in Athens he thought it has to be hard, because everybody was there, but , finally he found he did not have problems with anybody.
Nikos does not have any jealousy issues with his colleagues, he is happy with the success of other singers and always wishes them well.

Nikos feels, he did not changed, but those people, including women, that come to him after the concerts in the dressing room, at the present time - they have changed. “They seem more cheeky, more daring”, he said.
He believes that in general something has changed in people, they spend a lot of time in social networks or on their mobile phones, making every their step public. It is affecting their attitude.

To switch the mood, Nikos shared one funny story from his childhood:
“When I was younger, I was a very lively child.
One day we set a fire on a neighbor's yard, we usually were making fire and immediately after that were trampling
it down with our feet.

But this time the fire flared up, grabbed all the land and threatened to ignite the houses. I was about 10 years old and I remember that at this moment I worried so much and my mind raced ahead ... so I thought there would be victims there, and that even though I am a little boy, I have to go to jail and that I am  too small, I'm sorry, forgive me God!”
Only I've seen was the fire, nothing had happened yet with anybody... I did not cry,  but I worried so much.... Anyway we extinguished the fire, but we remembered this for life.”

“I do not like violence, - Nikos says, -. If I'm hurt by something which was said to me, I'll tell about it. I do not like to offend anyone, but if something seriously bad has done for me, I might offend.

Answering Elina’s question about his reaction on woman’s tears, Nikos says:
“When a woman cries and it concerns her personal life or her family and it is something serious, I have an obligation to support her, because I'm sensitive.”

“The reason to end friendship is when somebody is lying, then he is not my friend anymore.”
He has got not many close friends, just 2 or 3 of them, and this friendship lasts for many years.

Nikos regrets that he never had a chance to sing on stage together with Dimitris Mitropanos whom he always loved and admired as a singer and a person.

The singer commented about political affairs, for example, in Cyprus :  "It's very difficult times now in Cyprus. I want to go there very much, but I am afraid people now will not appreciate me. Will they be able to forget everything and to come and watch the singer? “ Nikos believes that Cyprus now started feeling the same problems which Greece is going  through for the last 6 years.

Many thanks to Eirini Eusebi for her help.