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Nikos Oikonomopoulos talks to Salonika Video

Nikos Oikonomopoulos answered a few questions by Salonika Video journalist

Nikos said, that he and his colleagues are “in a good mood when we are with good people in such a great city as Thessaloniki”

About their programme, he said (being half-serious):  “We have not got clowns and things like that, we have a laika programme that I do, and of course we have “Melisses" and Katerina Stikoudi, who make the most fashionable things, and it seems for these three weeks that we are here, people liked us and I I'm glad that everything goes well.”
Nikos was speaking about his favourite genre of songs:  “The laika song was, is and always will be the basis of everything for music in Greece. Laika song never dies, even though some people would like to be so, it did not, does not and will never end.”
And he added regarding the way he understands the art of laika entertainment: “It is unnecessary for me to see a clown or an acrobat at laika programme.  I do not mind if someone else does it. We c…

Things Nikos Oikonomopoulos said to

In the interview taken by at FIX (Thessaloniki) Nikos was talking about:


- People of Thessaloniki live in a lighter pace, more relaxed pace...I would say, really, they are born to go to the “bouzoukia”... every time I see it and feel it and I've said that Thessaloniki resembles Patra, I feel like I'm in Patra here: the harbor,  the roads are the same.

What he feels when goes on stage:
- I feel great, I loved it since i was a child.  In the beginning there is a stress, there is always a stress in it, there is nothing for granted,  but it's a very nice feeling.  I can not explain it with words, you have to live it to understand it.
Luck or will
- I do not believe in luck, no luck for me, there is a will.
 Choice of songs

- People who write music and lyrics, gave me good songs, but through all those songs you hear, you must make a choice. ...You must match with the aesthetics of the song, you can not sing something imposed by another person. Nobody can im…

What goes without saying for Nikos Oikonomopoulos?

Just before to start his performances at Fix Live  in Thessaloniki with "Melisses" and Katerina Stikoudi, Nikos Oikonomopoulos spoke to 7 Days TV magazine and referred to such themes as his relationship with the audience, the perfect woman for him and the social networks. Does he feel anxiety with the fact that several seasons he is the first name of the shows?
He replied: "My job has nothing to do with the tinsel like “who is pronounced as the first name”. What is important is to enjoy the program and meet people. This is enough for me. "
His great hit is called a “Εννοείται”  ( can be translated as “It goes without saying”) and Nikos reveals  what goes without saying in his life: "Respect, dignity and love for our fellow man. I think, nowadays, people lost dignity and respect.  People are  isolated and there is almost no social contact between them, only social networks...Nikos does not like to deal with them :”I like to get in touch with the people while I sing…

Nikos Oikonomopoulos as a DJ on radio Sok FM

Last Thursday Nikos Oikonomopoulos not only acted as a radio DJ on Sok FM 104.8 radio (Halkidiki), but also managed to answer multiple and often unexpected questions of the radio host Elina Papila. Their conversation was receiving  impulses from the songs of various singers chosen by Nikos, to which, in turn, were periodically added his own songs, offered by Elina.

It is known that Nikos Oikonomopoulos finished recently the joint performances with Stamatis Gonidis which with big and invariable success took place on one of the prestigious scenes in Athens, at the nightclub "Fever". Now he, together with  Katerina Stikoudi and a band  "Melisses", gives concerts at the club "Fix" in Thessaloniki.

Elina Papila asked, if there is a difference between the audience in Athens and Thessaloniki Nikos was answering, that people in Thessaloniki are easier to become enthusiastic than in Athens. He believes that it is because in Athens people have bigger choice, they can …