Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nikos Oikonomopoulos

Nikos Oikonomopoulos (Νίκος Οικονομόπουλος) is a top Greek laika singer of his generation who honours Giannis Parios, Paschalis Terzis  and Giannis Paulopoulos as his major influences.
 At age 22 he entered and won the Alfa TV “Dream Show 2", launching his career. Since then, he has had several number one songs and albums and has won many awards.  Nikos Oikonomopoulos’ international fame is steadily growing.

Nikos Oikonomopoulos  was born on 30th June, 1984 in Achagia, Patras region, Peloponnesus. He had an early interest and involvement in singing and music in general from his childhood, at the same time he helped his father with the family fishery business while also working in a pizzeria. From the age of 17 he sang professionally with different bands and in the autumn of 2006 decided to take part in the popular talent contest of Alfa TV "Dream Show 2", which he won.
As a result, he was signed by Sony Music and soon released his first single “Matia Mou”, which was soon followed by “Proti Agapi” album  in 2007.
At this time Nikos was giving his live performances in the music hall “Fix”, Athens.
In 2008 he was honoured as the Best New Artist for his clip “Look and Learn” at the MAD Video Music Awards. This was followed in 2009 at the same awards by winning with the Best Pop Music clip “All for You.”
Nikos Oikonomopoulos released in January 2009 his second album “Akousa” (I’ve Heard), which includes fifteen songs in the laika style. The album became gold in October 2009.
At the same time Nikos also recorded a song composed by Christos Papadopoulos for the Cyprus TV soap “Dangerous Zone”
Starting from November 2009 Nikos performed together with Greek singing legend Giannis Parios at the popular Athens night club “Fever”. Parios named him “A future of the Greek music”
In January 2010 Sony Music released Oikonomopoulos’ third album – “Katathesi Psychis” with 12 multi genre tracks on it.
In May 2010 this went Platinum.
In October 2010 Nikos had a triumphal success performing in Cyprus .
At the same time Nikos Oikonomopoulos signed under the label Minos-EMI (Greece)
In December 2010 Nikos released his 4th album "Doro Gia Sena".  In the period of 5 months it became triple platinum.
In December 2011 a new album "Tha Eimai Edo" was released and reached the level of four times platinum sales.
The next album, “Ennoeitai”, 2012, recently became 4 times platinum platinum
Released at the end of 2013, his new CD "Eilikrina" immediately became double platinum!
Nikos Oikonomopoulos had become a hugely popular live act, touring extensively on the Greek nightclub circuits, and became a regular in Athens .
His international career just had been successfully started.  Oikonomopoulos created a storm of enthusiasm in Australia on his first short tour there in 2012.
Nikos was giving  few concerts in Germany with a tremendous success.

With his magnificent voice and irresistible charisma, Nikos Oikonomopoulos has proven himself to be one of the most significant Greek artists of our time

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nikos Oikonomopoulos wins hearts in Stuttgart

Performance of Nikos Oikonomopoulos in Messehalle Sindelfingen, Stuttgart, (31. 05.13.)  is one of the most dramatic and well-deserved successes that ever befell this famous singer.

This was the second appearance of Nikos in Germany.
Last year he sang one night in Düsseldorf, in the Rex Club, for the audience of young people, who were well aware about all the amazing qualities of this Greek Singing Treasure and his repertoire. Everything went awesome then.

This time the young star was to perform with Stamatis Gonidis, the singer, loved by long - settled in Germany Greek audience, who rushed to see him again, while Nikos Oikonomopoulos for many of them was just a new name.

In the beginning of his programme, Nikos introduced people to his new songs, which are already the leaders of the charts in his home country – “Ora na pigaino”, “Ennoeitai”, “Isihia” and other tracks from his latest, already double platinum album. 

 It turned out that the Greek population of Stuttgart had never heard of them, as the main source of musical information - You tube - has severe limitations in Germany. 

With every note sung by Nikos an interest was growing and when, finally, he started to sing "Poutana stin psychi", the entire Messehalle was thrilled.  With the next one – “Akousa” - people started climbing onto the stage.

His excellent interpretations of the laika “evergreens” and the popular “covers” made it clear to the listeners that this singer has a voice of rare beauty. At the second part of the programme, which lasted till early morning hours, Nikos created a unique atmosphere of the celebration of the Greek song!

Enthusiastic spectators showered the singer with flowers and danced on the stage, each tried to take a picture with the new idol.

Once again, Nikos won the hearts thanks to his wonderful voice, exceptional charm and genuine friendliness.

So, we can confidently say that from now Nikos Oikonomopoulos is one of the most awaited back to Germany Greek singers!