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It looks like Nikos Economopoulos predicted his future collaboration

Greek music business related newspapers and websites are full of reports about the planned big event of the upcoming winter season. The new concert project is booked for the night club “Fever”. Two divas of Greek scenes Despina Vandi and Elli Kokkinou and the brightest young star of laiko song Nikos Economopoulos are going to work at this prestigious and popular venue. The excitement bombe exploded yesterday, as it was yesterday, when Despina Vandi decided to become part of this creative team.

We remember that almost a year ago Nikos named Despina as a desired partner on the stage in response to a tricky question by Themis Georgantas at the MAD TV show “OK” (when Nikos was asked whether he would prefer to share a stage with Despina Vandi or to be performing in a programme by Anna Vissi and Sakis Rouvas, he chose the first option, explaining that he would not like to be the third artist on the stage.)

This planned new program puts Nikos is in a pleasant situation being surrounded by tw…