Nikos Oikonomopoulos: in conversation with Sofia Bekiari (

Collaboration of Giannis Ploutarchos and Nikos Oikonomopoulos certainly is an unexpected but pleasant surprise for all the lovers of good laika music. It is even more impressive with one of the most popular groups, Melisses, added to the programme.  The journalist Sophia Bekiari, writes a short reportage about the concert she visited at  the nightclub Thea and speaks to the participants of the show. 
We provide you here with a translation of her interview with Nikos Oikonomopoulos, who she says, besides of being a singer with a huge voice, is a very genuine person.

 Niko, we see you at “Thea” together with Giannis Ploutarchos. How did this happened?

 Basically, I did not want to sing this summer at all. I told myself that this year I should take a break because I feel I needed to rest a bit - I do not rest at all, singing all the time. Besides people need some rest from me, because they listen to me for many years continuously. I thought I would do three shows including one in Patras for my birthday, because I wanted to be with my friends to celebrate together.

But instead of three I did 13!  At first I thought I would not sing now, but I was convinced and, of course, I was happy to sing with Giannis . I think it was a very good suggestion and I said - why not! Even though I am tired - it does not matter! 'It was a good suggestion and I wanted to do it and it seems we came out well.

Are you having a rest at all? Because, I know you had concerts in several cities …

 No, I do  not feel rested! I did 11 concerts in some cities in Greece and two in Germany. I can not say I feel rested, true. But as I say every time ...I’ll do it in time! 

What can you say about people and - generally -  the life in province?

People in the province love us and it makes sense, because there are many people there who can not come to Athens to see us due to financial problems. They are very excited when they see you there, so, no matter how tired, I has been trying to give something extra to not disappoint  the audience who came.  Certainly, people have many problems which can not be easily put aside because of  the song, but  everyone is just trying to do their job in the best way possible.

While saying you are tired and want to rest, you do the concerts, now you are with Giannis Ploutarchos and in November you are with Vasilis Karras at Fever.

 Yes, we will start the Winter season. Here we with Giannis continue a little bit more, and after that, at the end of November, we will start with Vasilis Karras and Eleni Fourera. I think, this is a very good laiko programme with good voices.

With Vasilis, who is working for so many years in this job and knows it very well, with his vast experience, with the wonderful songs that I like and sing in my programme and with Eleni, who is a fresh girl, a very valuable and good person, as far as I know - we have not had a chat personally yet, but this turns out to be like that. We will work together well !

You have your audience who loves and supports you always... Do you feel secure with it? 

My audience loves me and supports me, but I do not take anything for granted in this life. And now with the way the things go, it will be good to to tighten belt, because we realize that people are having very difficult life. The turnout may be good enough, but there are no more there those old times spendings. And this affects all, including the entrepreneur, the artist, the parking valet and the waiter.

 What about your recording works? 

I've already started and do demos for a lot of songs and I try to choose. I start this process on April. Very soon we hope to release a song on the radio that will be the pilot for the album to be released by the time of my name day, as every year 


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