Eilikrina, a new CD by Nikos Economopoulos, 2013 (Review)

On his seventh full length album “Eilikrina” (Sincerely ) the legitimate prince of Greek laika Nikos Economopoulos,  delivers another seriously enjoyable set of music released on Minos EMI - Universal label. 

Each song on this flamboyant new CD thrills the ear as though it were a live performance.It contains 16 compositions of various genres, predominated by Greek laika influence. All the arrangements here are superb while Economopoulos is a clean, precise and soulful artist who always knows how to deliver the essence of a song and as a result we hear his core feeling for each of them, coloured by his special timbre.

Opening track “Se lipamai” (I Miss You) by Avgi Gavrilaki (words) and Dimitris Harmas (music) combines features of various genres, such as techno, laika- waltz and ballade. It also displays the big range of the singer’s voice starting with low baritonal and rising to the upper tenor notes. 

Thus, it gives a clue to the entire album with its genre variety inspired by the endless singing abilities of Nikos Economopoulos.

The second track “Mi figeis tora” (Don’t leave now) by Iordanis Paulou and Angeliki Makrinioti lets the listener enjoy the irresistible charm of Nikos’ voice by its flying high melody.

By contrast, the prayer “O Theos pou pistevo” ( God in whom I believe) by Vasilis Dimas - the author of music and words, who invested into this album his four tracks - brings out the dramatic qualities of the singer’s voice in the rock affected choruses. At the same time Economopoulos shows his unique sense of style adding some features of Greek orthodox chant into his interpretation of the verse parts.

Dimas in this album displays his ability to combine the tradition with contemporary rhythm and sound, which climaxes in the song Ola tha ta plirotheis (You’ll get paid in full) 

Another author who added 4 tracks to this album is a fabulous lyricist Geleni Giannatsoulia.  Her two ballads on the music by talented George Sabanis -  ethnically influenced O’ti agapao m’adikei (Everything I love is unfair)  and rock enriched Signomi (Sorry!) - have everything to instantly attract listeners attention. 

 One of the most striking songs of the album - though it might seem unusual - the warm and heartfelt folk style "lullaby-ballad" Na skepasesai ta vradia (Cover yourself by the nights) by big laika songwriting masters  Vasilis Daramouskas (music) and  Fontas Theodorou (words) gives Nikos all the opportunities to use the incomparable aura of his voice in full.

Perhaps, it is the trak #12 Na stamatiseis ( Stop!) by Giannis (John) Kermanidis - Tasos Blathras (music) and Stratos Kaisaris (words) should be called the cornerstone zeibekiko of the CD.

The album concludes with the poetically deep, melodically rich and emotionally powerful track # 16 - “Eilikrina” by Xaris K (music) and Fontas Theodorou (words), which serves as an amazingly executed game of genre change - from ballad to hasapiko. 

Throughout this inspirational album, Nikos Economopoulos once again proves himself to be the pride of the Greek laika treasury.

 The double platinum award which came just a few days after the releasing of the CD is a good testimony to the above statement. Album “Eilikrina”,  same as everything recorded by Economopoulos,  deserves a big international distribution.


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