Nikos Economopoulos answering

A journalist Ioanna Mamai ( asked Nikos Economopoulos some questions backstage at “Fever”,which is one of the biggest nightclubs in Athens, where this tremendously popular young singer works together with Despina Vandi and Elli Kokkinou.
The topic touched different aspects of his creative life and personality.

The most complete answer Nikos gave to the question regarding the track # 14 from the CD (P**t*na stin psychi)

"First I must say that I took this song not for to be known by people. I’ve recorded 4 albums, people have appreciated my songs, they know them, they are coming to the venue to listen to me and for five years there was no any
need for me to approach the public. I don’t know if it is possible at all. But if it is so, maybe I should do something like that every time? It is not so easy to find such a thing as this song

However, when I first have heard this song, I thought : "It is a very nice, very true thing." “The whore in the soul” - this is not only about women...
This song was of a great interest, that's why I do not want to do the same things, I always want to make one more step, to say something else.
Singing is something special. You are expressing both feelings of people and your own. It does not matter that this song has nothing to do with me, that this is not my personal story...I never called a woman "A whore in the soul." But this is for now, because anything can happen in this life."

Talking about his collaboration with Despina Vandi and Elli Kokkinou, he said:

“ Earlier no I was that demanding to myself, neither others (partners on stage) to me. Now the fact that I am a signed artist is tightened things. Earlier while we sang, we were more comfortable. Now we think of everything we do, about each detail, because it can cost us . "
"If you become popular, then you will not be left alone ... I would go somewhere quiet. I have done it in the past and I do it now. Who said that I do not go out? Just you do not need to talk about it. Otherwise there is no opportunity to be with someone to share some moments."

But generally Nikos prefers to have relationships with girls outside of the business.

"My people are more comfortable, more spontaneous and more honest, and I like it. But the relationship is generally difficult for me. From my side though. Usually it is my fault. My job is such that I can not spend too many hours with my girlfriend. I try to do my best. But it is never enough."

Nikos Economopoulos has got a very good contact with the public at his shows, basically they say positive comments at his performances, as he said.
Despite the fact that he lives mostly at night, Nikos doesn't like dark qualities in people, such as deceit.

Many thanks to Eirini Eusebi for help with translation!


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