Tremendous musical surprise for Thessaloniki

What a tremendous surprise for the citizens of Thessaloniki:
Nikos Economopoulos is coming for two exclusive concerts the following weekend!!!

The Northen capital of Greece,fabulous “Symprotévousa”, was expecting this moment during more than four years. His last appearance there was taking place in July-August 2007, when the winner of the “Dream Show” created a storm of enthusiasm, while performing alongside Nikos Makropoulos on the stage of the club “Politeia Studio”
The most beloved young laika singer is going to charm the audience, which was waiting for so long, with his incredible voice and extremely rich repertoire at the Music Centre “ Pili Axiou” .
People of Thessaloniki are going to have two nights of a great entertainment and enjoy a fantastic combination of the singer's big talent and the beauty of real Greek song!!!!!

Date: 11th & 12th of November
Venue: “Pili Axiou”
Address: 6, Andreou Georgiou, Thessaloniki
Booking phone: 6975 855150


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