Nikos Economopoulos’ concerts in Thessaloniki

Nikos Economopoulos gave two sold out shows at Pili Axiou in Thessaloniki. The public of the Northern Capital welcomed the young singer with a very big enthusiasm; and he was more cheerful than ever, giving his best on stage!
In particular, he said: "I can’t believe what I saw here, what I’ve experienced!
I and the audience together were feeling something fantastic!"

The program of the favorite artist kept the fans excited until the early morning hours, among the biggest successes was the new hit by Phoebus titled "So, what happened!" included by Nikos to the show.

The radio producer Sotiris Karampetsos visited Nikos Economopoulos in his dressing room to say his congratulations. There, during the warm friendly conversation they discussed some business topics.
Currently, Nikos Economopoulos prepares for his performances in Athens, along with Elli Kokkinou and Despina Vandi, which is going to be one of the most popular shows this winter.!

By Georgos Nikolaidis and Sotiris Karampetsos. Photos and video by Sotiris Karampetsos.


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