Nikos Economopoulos confesses to Hello! magazine

Nikos Economopoulos admits that often cries and, during a personal confession, talks about his weaknesses, dreams, women and a desirable fatherhood!

"If a man does not cry, it is not a man. It depends, of course, on how you cry, - said Nikos and added - May be I do not shed tears, but often cry inside myself  because I'm very introverted person."  
Emphasizing that his personal life he keeps at home, the young singer admits that there are women in his life but he never considered these relationships to be serious enough to show them. "I love my job so much and I will not let nobody show any other things except my songs. I do not want to provoke the world ... I do not want people to "live" in the world not related to my work," - he adds.

 "I feel ready and, at the same time,  unready to become a father. Perhaps I am not sure yet, because I must first find the person of my life. What I can say is that I not just love children, I adore them and feel that when I have mine, it will literally change my life. I can’t wait this time to come!" - says Nikos, adding that when the first child to appear then he will understand if he wants even more. 
The singer, 28, does not hesitate to admit that he it is difficult for a woman to be with him and he is quite edgy and shows what disturbs him, while he declares he is sensitive, generous in love and genuine.

"There is bullying and dishonesty, people who make fun of those around them just to achieve their goal. So we have isolated people, mostly between youngsters and see them constantly with a mobile phone or a laptop in their hands," - he says in another part of the interview.

And if you look forward to his new CD, the singer reveals that he is in the studio from June and the new songs will be released on his name day (December, 6)!


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