Nikos Oikonomopoulos talks to “Ego Weekly“ magazine

Having family is a dream of Nikos Oikonomopoulos and  he reveals in an interview to the magazine “Ego Weekly”  that as soon as he find the woman for him he will go with her up the stairs of the church!
 Meanwhile, the singer talks about the difficulties he has passed through, his faith in God and the love of people!
"I like family and many children. That is the purpose of every human life, "says Nikos and not hiding, that, though he still did not reach his 30, he hopes in near future to wear a groom suite.
The charming singer admits he has been fascinated many times, but has not found the right woman yet!  "I think it will happen right," he says and describes her as a woman with who he will meet a mutual love, respect of each other and understanding.
 "From my young age I have been through many tests. Thanks God I made it through and I am glad and happy that my life went ahead.  So I wish all the people who have lived in difficult situations ", says Nikos, who frequently visited a church near his home and met there two wise men  who, he says,  helped him a lot psychologically.

Referring to the fact that he became known through television broadcast, the singer emphasizes that it was not a reality, but a talent show, to which he would go again if to turn the time back.
 "There is no easy way. I went to a talent show trying to highlight my talent. With my effort I managed to do what I have made so far, whether it is little or much ... ", he adds.
 "I like the laika song and will serve it as long as I sing",  Nikos makes  it clear, refusing the possibility to see him in Eurovision since, obviously, it is a party to entertain some people and not to serve something about the music of our country.
  Finally, the singer notes that he is a spender and tries to manage his finances properly.

He wishes himself and all the people to be healthy and to make things better for everyone, and concludes: "I do not want to be pessimistic. I believe things will work for everyone. I do not believe that such a decent nation after so many years will not reach its target.  Just we need to be united and not to look how everyone fills up their pocket. “


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