Nikos Oikonomopoulos talks to (Part 2)

Nikos Oikonomopoulos recently gave his interview to the journalist Sofia Bekiari ( in his dressing room at the nightclub FEVER.

Have you ever been told that you are thinking too highly of yourself?

Is it possible that no one is saying that, if to remember, as I told you, that the world is full of evil people ?  Certainly I have been. However, I do not get angry, because I know myself that I have never bothered anyone and my conscience is quiet. And if you find one saying it, let him come  and tell me face to face.

How easy is it for you to deal with all these things in your mind and to be comfortable with yourself?

All the people are different. Not everybody can think like Oikonomopoulos. I have my own way of thinking, of doing what i do. I am like that, I can’t change and become something else.

What do you think about the political situation in the country?

It’s a mess!
What can I see? Is it anything good there|? Who is to be blamed? The only thing I can say we all are guilty. Everybody put their little brick , for better or for worse. It is bad to blame others. Not only others to blame, but us too. It’s not only politicians to blame. certainly, they are guilty, nad there are documents confirming that. But we are guilty too. I say it not only about me, this is for all the past years. About people who did very big mistakes. Now they pay for that. And the young people are paying too, which are their children.

Could the artists, with their influence on the biggest part of people, do something to awake the nation?

As I said all people are different. There's no way I can be able to convince many people. My job is to sing. If I start talking about politics, they will laugh me away or they will think I'm making fun of them. Because it would mean that I know everything. But I do not know anything. I  know only how to sing and all I see is the essence of reality, namely that people have no money, no job and can not come to be entertained, as they do not have money to pay the rent, they can’t pay for the show.

What is your opinion about  “Golden Dawn”, which strongly entered the political stage?

One thing I can say is that I am against violence ... I do not like violence! I think the violence is for people who live in the jungle, who fight the animals for their food. We are living in a democratic country and need neither fascism nor violence. To hit a hand on the table and to make you to do something, it's called fascism. We are free people, we have our opinion. Simple things. We can talk, not kill. On the other hand I am not the one to judge the parties. People are to judge and to vote. They will choose who they want to govern the country. I take part in this as well.  The problem is how to vote and nobody can say that this or that man will help us. From there nothing longer depends on us, this is on our politicians to help our country. There are other interests outside of Greece, and they affect our country and we can not do anything.

How easy it is to be on top of the people’s preferences without a display of your personal life?

I think people love what is authentic, without accessories. Here it is the bottom line.. I can not promise anything, all I can do is sing. The result of my work are my songs. I have nothing else to say or show.

What is your opinion about "public relations"?

I do not like! I want to attract people who really want to know me as Niko, as a human being and not as a singer. I am not for the "public relations" and that is why I don’t have many friends. The actual amount of my friends can be counted by the fingers of one hand. For me friendship is something important, something sacred. My friend is like a family. it is impossible to have everybody as a friend and call him “my brother”... This is a lie.

Are there any good managers in Greece?

There are capable people to help artists and journalists. I do not managed by someone specifically regarding  what I should do, because I do nothing but singing.  How to manage me? To tell me how to sing?  No! But there are people that talk about the songs that you put on the disc. These are people from my work. They are  very direct and mine. I would discuss with them to get their point of view.

Is the selection of songs you put on the disk based on your own judgment?

This is typical for all artists.  The artist should be a critic, he can express the best of the songs! If you give me a song and tell me to sing it by force, which I do not ever, how can you say if it does not fit me and it is  not coming out of me?  Everything that I put on CD, I've sung along with many others and we decide with people I work what to put on the disc.

Who is more important for the future success of the song: the authors or the singer?  

All! The music, the lyrics and the singer. All play a big role. There are very good songs , which are not heard because they were have not executed well. Maybe this is not something magical, something magical is because what we do with our work. We can  bring out the songs to the world.

Do you have any regrets with a choice of tracks in your CD?

No, I have no regrets about my songs.  All songs are there for a reason and purpose. I liked them there and then people  will see whether they is good or not. Not me. I tried to do what I have done.

You have many hits. Which one stands out for you a little bit more?

Usually many songs are mentioned to me, but  I always distinguish the song "Look to learn", because it was my first song. It gives me joy because with this song I started, I became known and loved by people.  It was the beginning of something.

And what about the  new songs which came out some time ago?

I already perform two or three songs and from what I see people love them. Slowly - slowly and I will show other because I do not want to include all at once in the program and to impose upon the world to listen to. I want people to listen to the silence and come to the club and tell me "Niko, sing this song". Which happens often. For this reason I did rehearse a few days ago. I went through all the songs, to be ready if someone asks something to sing.

to be continued


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