Nikos Oikonomopoulos talks to (Part 1 )

Nikos Oikonomopoulos recently gave his interview to the journalist Sofia Bekiari ( at his dressing room at the nightclub FEVER.

Part 1

Niko, this year we see you at “Fever”  having an interesting collaboration with Stamatis Gonidis. How do you feel working together?
I love him very much both as a person and as an artist! Regarding the professional connection he is one of the people who believed in and loved me from the start. Personally we're friends, even though we do not hang out every day, but whenever we find an opportunity we talk to each other.

What  can expect those who choose to see the show at “Fever”?
Stamatis and I sing laika songs as  people do not expect to hear something different from us both. Katerinoula (Katerina Stikoudi), which is a very nice and remarkable girl, creates her own special part of the program, a pop song. There is no arrogance there and I’d say that we do very well ... we really are very good together! Both Katerina and Stamatis are very good people over all. We have a mutual understanding, which is rare nowadays.

You lead the show, right?

I do not like the word lead! We are a group of people working together. I am not the only one to sing, so I donot lead anything. We're all together, and together we do what people see.

What is your criterion of people  you collaborate with?

First of all, I want a serious person and a professional. I can not work with someone who has no talent to sing and unfortunately there are many such people in all jobs. Specifically now, about  Stamatis, this is a man who has made a career of 25 years, nobody can challenge him, he has got really good songs, which I like and I sing. So, why not to collaborate with him? Only with such people I want to work with people who have something to give. That’s why I am  not the only to perform at this venue, others also have something to give!

What it means to be a professional to Nikos Oikonomopoulos?

The main thing is to make people coming to see you, to have fun. To show them that you  love them the same way they love you.  Whatever you say, these people feed you and everybody who works here ... we ought to respect the audience

On the occasion of your friendly relationship with Stamatis Gonidis, do you think there is a  real friendships in the show business?

No, so far I do not believe! May be later there will appear a friendship which will reverse what I say, but at this time I do not think there is a  friendship for me. Never the less, I  differentiate some people like Stamatis Gonidis,  and Katerina Stikoudi is between those who I appreciate, because she is a  good person. I have also a very good friendly relations with Giannis Parios.
I love Nino very much, because he is a very nice guy with a good soul.

How difficult it is the nightlife job since it has evolved through the effects brought by the economic crisis?

The economic crisis has brought difficulties not only to our work, it affected all the  jobs, just in our work we have to deal with the last thing people think about, which is entertainment. People now are not amused with their life and even when they come to have fun, they  eventually forget why did they come, because in their mind they keep their problems. There are too may of them within this world, and for me - too,  because we all have problems, either financially or personally.  But everyone should try to help our fellow man have fun. Why should we be malicious or resent ‘them’ against “us”? For what reason to envy the other who makes efforts? I’m not a jealous person and I respect all people. I am happy when people are doing well and have a prosperity in their life. I am a man, who started from the bottom and not just was talking about work, generally in my life I've been through very difficult times and maybe that is why I have become stronger than other people.

So, you had hard times and have done a lot of work which made you more conscious as a person and as an artist?

Certainly! I believe,  what has happened to me is completely normal. This was an evolution of things , in my own case at least, as I expected them to be. When you work a lot, you are not bothered with people around you and you do not envy others.
One of the reasons we have reached this point in our country is the fact that people are malicious, envious and their only concern is how to make others feel bad, tease them, make them feel like nobody . I do not like people to call me nationalist, I simply love my country and the people who lives in it, because I'm the part of this people. Why to be treated like something else? Since you are not something neither you nor me. I am a simple man and just sing. What happened? Calm down! Some sing like me and others are journalists like you ... We're all the same! Dignity and respect, nothing else ... I respect you and  you respect me!

You mentioned you are not jealous ... However, you can experience other people’s  envy and if so, how do you handle it?

Obviously I feel people’s jealousy . Even though it's disgusting, but I do not pay attention. I was upset when I was doing my first steps 6 years ago, but I thought to myself that I had to get over it. It's part of my job. There are people and there always will be malicious, wicked and envious people among them, just as there are good people in our lives who have supported us, and have helped us in our work and in our personal lives.

You started from a talent show but nonetheless no one associate you with it. How do you feel about that?

And why not to associate me with it? I have no problem with that. My choice was to take part in this game to be known by people. I will never change what think of it. I knew why I went and I am very happy about this, because what I have achieved so far, succeeded starting from there, at the beginning I did not ever forget.

However, I believe people see clearly your talent, your voice and so you do not stay in their mind only there.

I believe it because that is the reality. If I had no talent, I would not sing. Same I am not doing things, which I do not know. I do not write songs because I do not know how to write. But if I get an inspiration I would write, and  if I like the song, I will sing it. I can not do things that do not suit me, or say things that are false. Why should I tell you things I do not believe , if after two years you’ll come back and say: "You told me one thing and now you do another."  I want to be consistent with what I say, and what I tell you now, I said six years ago and will say six years after. This is the way to be happy with myself, with the way things work and how do I think. I am very glad I am that way. It is not selfish, it's just a good sign for me!

to be continued


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