Nikos Oikonomopoulos talks exclusively to ΜΟΥΣΙΚΆ ΑΣΤΈΡΙΑ

Manos Kornaros, the host of the radio show “Music Stars” (ΜΟΥΣΙΚΆ ΑΣΤΈΡΙΑ ) on the radio Melody 88FM  has got an interview of the laika song major star, Nikos Oikonomopoulos, which was the first this singer gave in 2013! The topic initially was set around his new CD, the album “Ennoeitai”, but besides it touched many other interesting subjects.

After a traditional New Years greetings exchange, Kornaros asked the young singer, how did he spend his holidays.  Nikos said he did not have holidays, during the winter festivities he was at the nightclub “Fever”, onstage. “We were entertaining people, what else could we do? We can’t do anything else, being the singers...”
Manos said, he believes everything is good there, because wherever Nikos is appearing there is always a success. Nikos confirmed, that things at the nightclub he performs together with Stamatis Gonidis and Katerina Stikoudi, go really well.
Manos Kornaros, while asking about the new, released at the end of 2012, CD “Ennoeitai”,  emphasized that this disc is already very popular and has got a huge radio play.
Nikos confirmed that  this album goes really well, it is one of the  top CDs, as far as he knows, in Greece this time. He is grateful to God and to people, who appreciate his work. He said, it took a lot of time to collect the songs for this album.

Manos  asks, if Nikos Oikonomopoulos has a secret formula of the success.
The answer Nikos gave was simple: he has no any formula of success, his job is to find good songs to sing.... But, let us say, the answer was not full. Everybody knows, the real secret is in the voice of Oikonomopoulos, which is the cornerstone of his achievements.

Speaking about his album “Ennoeitai” Nikos said, he likes to have various songs by different authors. “Fortunately, there are new young people who write songs”. For example, Lemonis Skopelitis., who wrote a few songs for this CD. Or Fontas Theodorou, who wrote for Nikos’ first album  the famous hit "Κοίτα να μαθαίνεις" with the music by Panos Kapiris. Now Kapiris invested some songs, two of which were written with Eleni Giannatsoulia, the permanent Nikos’ author... “So, everybody have something to give, something different, special. I think, there are songs of different styles: laika, light laika... This diversity helps to attract a larger audience.”
Kornaros remarked that people want not only to listen to the songs and see the photos, but to know more about a singer
But, as Nikos insists, he wants to live in the songs for people. At the same time, so far,  he does not want to show his own songs in his CDs. He thinks, other people can write better songs and this will bring more success to his albums. “I am a voice of their soul”
While selecting the songs, Nikos, as he said,  usually explains to the authors why he doesn’t take this or that song to his album. Of course, he has a lot of songs offered to him.
( As Manos Kornaros  said,  “You are playing lottery!” )

The radio host started a topic about a new video clip on the song “Ennoeitai” , which looks violent. Nikos added, that maybe for him it does.  (He smashed to smithereens the hotel room there) Manos asked, if he can do the same things in life. Nikos smiled: “why not, in my life I can, but not in public”
For a change, Manos Kornaros asked Nikos if he has got one, special song from the CD. This question Nikos found impossible to answer, as he loves all the songs. But for the radio show he chose  “Μελαγχολία μου”, saying that this is a topical song, and at the same time this is a love song.
The radio host noticed, this song must be a big success at Fever. So, the topic moved to the live shows. Nikos said that he loves to perform with Stamatis Gonidis, who makes one part of the show, besides they do some duets. The show lasts till morning (the biggest part Nikos sings solo).  On the question which songs people love best, Nikos said that all the songs he sings people love and sing along with him. 

The programme at Fever is going to be on till the end of February. What’s next is not clear. Most possible, there will be concerts in Thessaloniki. Speaking about shows, Manos Kornaros turned the topic to the Australian tour Nikos had in November. There are already some legends about what was happening there, because the success was enormous. Nikos modestly explained the desire of Greek Australians to tear him into parts with their wish to see and hear a singer from the homeland. But this explanation was far from being the real reason. In fact there is a lot of Greek singers coming to Australia or living there, every big city of this continent has a Greek show for each weekend. So, it was Nikos Oikonomopoulos , his voice and charisma to create this "Chamos", this craziness at his concerts there. Nikos said, he was a little scared to go by plane that far, but finally he found it was not too bad, so one day  he is going to come again for the  concert tour in  this country

Speaking about international popularity of Nikos, Manos Kornaros asked him a question, which was coming from Russia, where Nikos Oikonomopoulos is the most popular Greek singer: Why doesn't Nikos Oikonomopoulos want to take part in the Eurovision contest?
Nikos named a few reasons for that, one of the main was that Eurovision demands the performance of the song in English, but his style is laika and this is a pure Greek music, it can't be sung in other language but Greek. Manos Kornaros asked Nikos, if he knows that Americans already advertize his performances there, which are planned in October, and that they call him "the best Greek artist of our time"?  The young star modestly said, he knows Greek Americans are expecting him to come, though this is very early to speak about it. But he feels it is possible, because after Australia he became accustomed to the long flights.
Nikos knows that many people all around Greece are expecting him with the concerts and he appreciates love and support of his fans, including the FB fan page “ΑΥΤΌ ΤΟ ΑΣΤΈΡΙ”.
At the end of the topic Nikos said that his wish for the New Year to all the people is to have job and health. That having job is very important, even more important that we think. “I hope that nobody will lose thier job ...and let all of us strive to become better people in whatever way we can. With very simple ways you can become a better man, just by helping a man to find the way 
and not overtake him, this is an act of love, so  let's all do what we can”


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