Two songs by George Sabanis in the new album of Nikos Oikonomopoulos "Ennoeitai"

In his new album “Ennoeitai” (EMI, Greece, 2012),  Nikos Oikonomopoulos continued his cooperation with the talented young composer George Sabanis, which has began a year earlier and has brought to the previous four times platinum album of the most talented laiko singer of a new generation two masterpieces, written on the words by Eleni Giannatsoulia, a fabulous poet- lyricist. 

This time Sabanis  took for his compositions the lyrics by two other big masters of the song genre: Niki Papateochari and Nikos Gritsis.
Both of these tracks were immediately appreciated by the public, especially after the first live performances.

“Melancholia mou” (My melancholy) , from the very beginning charms you with its unusual instrumental intro. This zeibekiko is written with the transparent polyphonic texture of the most modern sound. The impressive melody begins unusually low to ascend to the top.
In the words emerged from the pen of Niki Papatheochari, there is a subtly described portrait of a young man, firm in his preference to be alone than to squander his feelings in a void.
This complex psychological task is solved by Nikos Oikonomopoulos with palette of his amazing voice, capable of transmitting any movement of the human soul.

Proof of this is the second song by George Sabanis, included in the album: “Trypa stin kardia” (A hole in the heart), on the  words written by the popular lyricist Nikos Gritsis.
This rock ballad is contrasting to the previously observed composition. It’s hero openly expresses  feelings of pain and despair, being grasped by them.
Obviously, these  two songs have something in common, for example it is a great coverage of the vocal range of a singer. But in the second one  both the low and high notes sound with a touch of metal in Nikos’ voice, which corresponds exactly to the style of the music and meaning of words.

There is no doubts, these tracks are the gems of the new album of Nikos Oikonomopoulos and of his repertoire in general. Their live performances occurs with great enthusiasm of the Nightclub “ Fever” audience , where Nikos sings with with Stamatis Gonidis and Katerina Stikoudi this  winter season.

No need to be a prophet to say that both of these songs are going to be the hits for a long time.


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