Nikos Oikonomopoulos broadcast on the radio Sfera 102, 2.

This year radio Sfera 102,2 arranged for admirers of Nikos Oikonomopoulos  a nice surprise, thanks to a specially equipped studio in The Mall Athens.  Sitting behind the transparent wall, his fans could experience firsthand how their favorite singer turned into a charismatic radio presenter.
After promising Natalia Germanou and Valentino that he is not going to “eat” their  job in the time of crisis, and that all the money earned from the broadcast he will return, Nikos took up his duties.
He immediately confessed that he loves radio more than television, where he feels uncomfortable. In addition, he said that radio provides more accurate assessment of the artist, it attracts attention to the beauty of the voice. “A beautiful voice works here as an invitation to hear more of the singer you liked”.

Nikos defined his task as showing to the audience (especially young listeners)  the songs that are rarely heard on the radio, but deserve much more airtime. He believes that there is a flood of good songs and singers who are not played often.
First he put the track “Η στιγμές που μου πήρες”  by Stamatis Gonidis with whom he collaborates in the club Fever and who, as Nikos said, has got a unique aura.
The next song was a tribute to the late Dimitris Mitropanos - the song “Άκου”, which Nikos sings regularly at his concerts.
Of course, the improvised broadcaster did not miss the opportunity to show his favorite song “Λυπήσου με” from the repertoire of Giannis Parios, whom Nikos worships.
Another big artist Nikos wanted to present was Nikos Poulopoulos with his song  “Αγάπα με” - the young singer said, he believes in the near future to collaborate on stage with this master of the laika song.
At the end of the programme, before to wave goodbye and say one more time his Christmas wishes to the public, Nikos put on air the track by Kostas Makedonas “Μη μου λες Αντίο” - the song Nikos sang in Komotini 8 years ago.

Thus the popular young singer presented to his huge radio audience several gems of Greek song Laika.

Many thanks to Eirini Eusebi for her help with this article!


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