Summer Concerts of Nikos Economopoulos in Cyprus

Summer Concert tour of Nikos Economopoulos in Cyprus was a great success. This time the young Greek singer has performed in three cities: Limassol (27th of July, in the Nautical Club "Waves"), Dali (29th of July, in this suburb of Nicosia the stadium “Adonis” was transformed into a nightclub) and Paphos (30th of July, in the Velvet Hall) .

The concert program of Nikos Economopoulos along with the artists who accompanied him, was very attractive for the wide range of audience due to it's variety, but in particular, of course, people were impressed by the young singer himself. Cypriot public embraced their favorite with huge enthusiasm. It's no longer surprising, as previous concerts in Cyprus were a triumph of the young Greek star. Each of the above halls was crowded and every show was filled with carnations and Nikos was littered with bunches of flowers.

What attracts the audience so much in this young artist' performances and why every time Nikos is gaining more and more fans? We asked to answer this question an expert, the senior lecturer of the Far Eastern Academy of Fine Arts (Vladivostok, Russia), winner of international competitions, pianist and vocal teacher Liudmila Pomerantseva. I must say that this year many Russian residents of Cyprus and Russian tourists visited his concerts. In particular, many Russians were at the Velvet Hall in Paphos. Liudmila was present at the concert in the Nautical club “Waves”, Limassol.

That's what she told us:
- I already knew about Nikos earlier, I've heard his songs and seen some of his videos. I really wanted to go to his concert and it was such a pleasant coincidence that the Cyprus tour of the singer was happening during my summer vacation, which I like to spend on this fabulous island!
The live performance by Nikos Economopoulos provoked in me strong emotions. I am, of course, a sensitive person, like all musicians, but at the same time, it is not easy to make me being surprised by good singing. This young artist really managed to capture the audience including myself. At first I was so stunned that felt I am crying - it was, of course, tears of joy!
Sure, Nikos has a very beautiful voice of warm timbre. In addition, he has the ability to make you listen, a kind of magnetism. He delivers the content of the songs from heart to heart, so everything is clear without any knowledge of the language. Although a pity that I do not know Greek, I would like to understand the subtleties of the songs.
Nikos’ unusually attractive appearance is certainly an important part of his charisma, he looks like a prince from a fairy tale. But I think that Nikos is a very strong and deep personality and it is manifested in his stage presence, in the manner of his execution, how he contacted with the public. He is smart, stylish and noble in everything he is doing. With other words we can say: Nikos Economopoulos is a harmonious combination of all the qualities: personal and professional. Of course the audience loves him: when he was singing, he was showered with flowers (what a beautiful custom!). Festive atmosphere reigned at the concert.-

We should add to the above that our friends from the Cypriot public, which had repeatedly been at Nikos last year gigs, reported that this time the young singer surpassed himself. This is a very important testimony, because it says that Nikos Economopulos continues to evolve as an artist, he did not rest on his laurels but is moving forward. Now we can safely say that this star would shine for the whole world and let it be so.

Many thanks to Liudmila Pomerantseva and Elena Matsi



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