Nikos Economopoulos talks to “Proto Thema”

After capturing the reader's attention with a few loud phrases such as: “Nikos Economopoulos - is a secure investment”,   or :  “Nikos Economopoulos -  is a singer -  phenomenon”, Zoi Dimitriou, the journalist of “Proto Thema”,  leads us directly to her conversation with the singer , who describes himself as a cautious and modest man.  He answers questions that sometimes seem out of place.
For example, she tells him that he looks older than his age. He certainly looks younger, he is looking great, but Nikos always felt his maturity because of the responsibility he was taken upon him. And this stigma makes him look different, not like other popular stars.   We can see it in his words, when he talks about what he feels on stage or why he wears a formal suit. Everything in him is dedicated to his audience, to the people he sings for.
He shares some of the facts of his biography. It turns out there were some wonderful singers in his family.  His maternal grandfather was a church cantor and his father sang a lot at home. So, Nikos wanted to become a singer from the age of 5. And he started to sing in the night clubs from 17.
His fame came to him at his 22 after winning the “Dream Show 2”. Since then success follows him.
“The song has changed my life for better “, he says, “I’ve learned what “the love of people” is and how to express myself through the song.  They ask, why do I sing about separation?  This is because I sing about love and separation.   Well, what would you like me to sing about? Should I sing about the lawn in my garden? No, I sing about people and their relationship.”
The limelight didn’t affect his nature. He likes to stay at home. He would like to be at the sea every day.  He loves car driving and speed in general. He likes to travel Greece and dreams to see all the islands and mountains in his country.
He doesn’t make a difference where he performs: a real artist is always giving what he can to his public. But for his American and Australian performances he had to sing more songs, as they been waiting for this day. There his programme was based on the laika songs, because his audience there was brought up with the laika. He says: “The old laika singers had other sounds, other experiences and beautiful lyrics. The last eight years was the rise of foreign music (in Greece). I don’t say it’s not nice, but young children… young children speak and sing in foreign language. You know what I see in social media? They write in English like if they do not know the Greek language. Why?”

Nikos takes his job very seriously, giving his heart to it. He remembers how he found his vocal chords were tired after 6 days of nonstop performances.
He jokes about his female fans: “You ask me if I have admirers? The most typical of them would be a little girl of 6 and her 75 year old grandmother. They like to come to see me after the show"

Answering to Zoi’s question about his most beloved song from the childhood, Nikos recalls “Pio kali i monaxia ” by Parios. Catching from there a chance to finish nicely the conversation she asks: “Maybe you are a hidden romantic?” - “Like hell I am!” (“Yeah right”) – he smiles...


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